Phee’s Makeup Tie Dye Sunset compact and Pressed Glow compact.

My most recent purchase has been two glorious compact highlighters from Phee’s Makeup. You know I already love her original glow powder as I posted about it here, it really is my favourite highlighter. Since then Phee has launched loads more wonderful products including eyeshadows which again I am a fan of, her Polilla shade is to die for.

I picked the Glow compact (£16.00) as I love it so much however, the loose powder can be a bit of a faff and I also ordered the Tie dye sunset compact (£18.00) as it reminded me of a shimmer brick. It contains the Original Glow, a newer shade called Bellini and Sphinx, a mineral eye shadow shade. These shades can be used individually or you can swirl them together and you get a lovely sun kissed, glowing shade.

Phees makeup compact glow and tie dye sunset compact highlighters

I love the fact that these products are all handmade by Phee herself in Sheffield, she is so talented and passionate about make up that you know she is not going to put out any old crap. They are all cruelty free and vegan friendly. They contain just 3 things; mica, alcohol and glycerin so there is certainly no fillers or shit ingredients.

Phees makeup compact glow and tie dye sunset compact highlighters

The powders are really easy to work with and the tiniest bit goes such a long way. Used sparingly you can achieve a subtle glow or you can go for the full on Insta highlight but without massive chunks of glitter. They reflect the light so much, it was really hard to photograph them as the light just bounces back. They really do shine bright light a diamond.

Phees Makeup Glow, Bellini and Sphinx swatch

Each compact is black with Phee’s logo on the front and ingredients on the back. Inside there is a handy mirror which is really clear. The pans are 59mm and contain 7g of product. I love the fact that each tie dye pattern is unique.

Its a massive thumbs up from me but I didn’t doubt I would feel any other way. I just want to roll around in the pans and glow light a light bulb! Phee also sends her orders out in the best holographic packaging which really suits the product and makes receiving them even more exciting, I am a massive sucker for packaging and it just adds a really nice touch.

Please check out Phee’s shop by visiting you can also save 25% off your first order! Let me know what you decide to order.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting face mask

Is your skin a little dry? Perhaps dehydrated and a little lack luster? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions then this sheet mask from Indeed Labs maybe just what your looking for. The Hydraluron Moisture Boosting face mask is basically a gallon of water for your face. It uses 3D timed release technology (what ever that is?) of hyaluronic acid to give your skin a moisture boost that will last 24 hours.

hyaluronic Face mask by indeed labs

The sheet mask is not pretty but its lovely and cooling on the skin. You sit back, relax and let your skin soak up all that lovely HA. If you do want to move around with the face mask on it does cling well enough for you to do so.

After I took the face mask off it was pretty dry which was a brilliant sign that my skin had absorbed the product, there was also quite a bit left in the sachet which I squeezed out and massaged into my face and neck.

hyaluronic Face mask by indeed labs

My skin afterwards felt so plump and hydrated as well as looking glowing. This lasted for a good 24 hours and the next morning my make up looked so much better. These masks are perfect in preparation for a special occasion, if you need a bit of a pick up from being run down etc or would be amazing on holiday post flight.

I managed to pick these up from TK Maxx for a bargain price of £5.99. You can usually find them in Boots but the RRP is £19.99, all though they do have 1/3 off at the moment making them £13.33. Even at £20.00 if, I was off on holiday or wanted them for a special occasion I would certainly happily pay full whack for them. You can get from Boots by visiting HERE

I seem to loving skin care at the moment and have some more skincare products that are due to be tested after my current moisturiser has ran out. I’m currently using the Good Things Manuka Honey one which I’ve loved for the past few months and you can read all about it HERE

Dinkibelle Nail Wraps: Easy nail designs + Giveaway*

The lovely people over at Dinkibelle were kind enough to send me some gorgeous nail wraps. I love having nice nails and usually get acrylics with gel polish so the nails wraps were intriguing to me. I was also skeptical about if they would actually work.

Each packet contains 20 nails wraps and cost £6.99. The wraps are fairly easy to apply, simply stick them to your nail and file off the excess. They do recommend that you add a clear polish or gel top coat to your nails to make them last as long as possible. Removal is super easy, peel off or use polish remover.

My first attempt was passable, to be fair I did them in a massive rush late at night and they still turned out wearable. I had many compliments on my nails, how pretty the looked and how did I get them so sparkly?! The option I’m wearing is Sea Foam Sparkle. They lasted me a good 10 days before I decided to take them off, If I’d have taken my time and put a proper gel top coat on then they would have lasted 14 days easily, if not longer. I did try to put them on my toes but I couldn’t get a file in to file around the edges of my nails so ended up with them on my big toes only. In hindsight I should have cut the wraps to smaller pieces rather than just stick them on too big and try to file them. Oh well, I know for next time don’t I?

Check out Dinkibelle by clicking HERE

Dinkibelle nail wraps

Dinkibelle also sent me another pack of the sea foam sparkle wraps to giveaway. You can enter below via rafflecopter.

Dinkibelle nail wraps

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours The Brave review

Fortune favours the brave

I’ve wanted this palette for a while now even though I have 3560 others. When Jane AKA British Beauty Blogger teams up with a brand you know she’s put her heart and soul into making it the best she can. The main reason why I was drawn to this palette is the fact it’s a little different to a lot of the other options out there are the moment, I mean who needs another all nude palette?

I love that the packaging is gold rather than Makeup Revolution’s usual choice of black, I love that there are baked, shimmer and mattes all in one and that there are endless looks you could create. I think it also it appeals to everyone, regardless of age. Now I am not going to lie the brush you get with it is crap, they always are, but it does have a lovely big, clear mirror which is always a bonus!

fortune favours the brave

As always, Makeup Revolution and Jane have managed to pull it off when it comes to formula. The baked shadows are my favourite and really do deliver with the pay off. The shades are easy to blend and for a high street option the fall out is pretty good. There are a couple of the lighter shades which you do have to work a little bit harder with to get a really good pay off but to be honest for £9.99 that is forgiven.

I’ve swatched a couple of the shades below just to give you an idea, that baked navy is stunning!
Fortune favours the brave swatches

I love the fact that with this one palette you can create looks that range from barley there, golden goddess to dark, heavy and smoky. It really covers all the bases. As soon as I got it I decided to have a playaround and create a pink/purple, shimmer sort of look which I really liked. It lasted really well throughout the day too. I used Creme, Pink Diamond, Drama Queen and New World. (Excuse the eyebrows, I am well over due a good old wax!)

Fortune favours the brave

Fortune favours the brave

For under a tenner this is an absolute bargain and I wish I had purchased it sooner. 

Makeup Revolution and Freedom Makeup, as you may know are sort of sister brands and they have just launched a new website where you can order both brands so no more having to split order or pay for two lots of shipping! AMAZING! You can find Fortune Favours The Brave HERE or you can find it at Superdrug.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post and I’d love to hear from you if you’ve already got this palette or if your thinking of buying it.