Phee’s Make Up – Eyeshadow Trio

This post is probably the most overdue in the whole blogging world as it was meant to be up 5 months ago. I know, I know FFS Claire!!

Anyway – Phee is bringing out more and more brilliant products on the regular now. Everything is handmade and Phee works so hard to get the shades exactly how she wants them. They are also cruelty free and vegan.

This eyeshadow trio is made up of “Peppered” a golden taupe “Sphinx” a copper and “Polilla” warm duo chrome brown.

Phee's make up eyeshadow

As the eye shadows contain no fillers what so ever the colour pay of is second to none. I love using Peppered for daytime as its such a pretty light golden shade perfect for inner corners of the eyes but my favourite has to be Polilla….I mean its duo chrome, who doesn’t love a duo chrome?

Here are some swatches and fyi there is no primer or anything else on my skin, this is all Phee’s product and nothing else! SO pretty

phee swatches

You can buy the eye shadows individually at £6.50 each or all three for £15.50. You can find the site HERE

Don’t forget to also check out the Glow highlight powder she does it’s just AMAZING!