Phee’s Makeup Tie Dye Sunset compact and Pressed Glow compact.

My most recent purchase has been two glorious compact highlighters from Phee’s Makeup. You know I already love her original glow powder as I posted about it here, it really is my favourite highlighter. Since then Phee has launched loads more wonderful products including eyeshadows which again I am a fan of, her Polilla shade is to die for.

I picked the Glow compact (£16.00) as I love it so much however, the loose powder can be a bit of a faff and I also ordered the Tie dye sunset compact (£18.00) as it reminded me of a shimmer brick. It contains the Original Glow, a newer shade called Bellini and Sphinx, a mineral eye shadow shade. These shades can be used individually or you can swirl them together and you get a lovely sun kissed, glowing shade.

Phees makeup compact glow and tie dye sunset compact highlighters

I love the fact that these products are all handmade by Phee herself in Sheffield, she is so talented and passionate about make up that you know she is not going to put out any old crap. They are all cruelty free and vegan friendly. They contain just 3 things; mica, alcohol and glycerin so there is certainly no fillers or shit ingredients.

Phees makeup compact glow and tie dye sunset compact highlighters

The powders are really easy to work with and the tiniest bit goes such a long way. Used sparingly you can achieve a subtle glow or you can go for the full on Insta highlight but without massive chunks of glitter. They reflect the light so much, it was really hard to photograph them as the light just bounces back. They really do shine bright light a diamond.

Phees Makeup Glow, Bellini and Sphinx swatch

Each compact is black with Phee’s logo on the front and ingredients on the back. Inside there is a handy mirror which is really clear. The pans are 59mm and contain 7g of product. I love the fact that each tie dye pattern is unique.

Its a massive thumbs up from me but I didn’t doubt I would feel any other way. I just want to roll around in the pans and glow light a light bulb! Phee also sends her orders out in the best holographic packaging which really suits the product and makes receiving them even more exciting, I am a massive sucker for packaging and it just adds a really nice touch.

Please check out Phee’s shop by visiting you can also save 25% off your first order! Let me know what you decide to order.

Glow highlight powder – The Original

This product is one I have literally not been able to put down. It is so versatile, flattering and amazing value. Before I go any further I should really introduce you to the beauty that is Glow highlight powder – The Orignal. Created by the insanely talented Phee from Phee’s Make Up Tips its part of a range of 5 powders (naturally I HAD to buy them all) and they only cost £8.00 each or £35 for them all! Told you it was amazing value.
phees make up tips glow powder
Above Photos: courtesy of Phee’s Makeup Tips

The powder itself is a stunning champagne colour that gives the skin a healthy, flattering glow to the skin. Phee has really put a lot of thought into the product making it vegan friendly, cruelty free and the two minerals that make up the powder are all ethically sourced you know that you are not supporting anything to do with the ugly side of the beauty industry.
You can use the powder to highlight, as an eye shadow, to mix with foundation and if you choose to really amp up the intensity you can also use it wet. The options are endless!
My personal favourite way it to use it in its dry form with a large fluffy eyeshadow brush on the top of my cheekbones, it blends in like butter to leave a stunning glow that doesn’t leave you looking like you’ve had a fight with a Christmas bauble and lost! I’ve been wearing glow pretty much everyday for both work and going out – all my other highlighters are now kind of forgotten about even my beloved Kevyn Aucion Celestrial powder hasn’t seen daylight for weeks!
Phee's make up tips glow powderPhee's make up tips glow powder
As I prefer a matte base (Estee Lauder Double Wear) I find using a highlight just gives a bit of life back into my face and avoids the flat pancake look that sometimes a matte foundation can give.
All the shades in Phee’s range are stunning and she is even working on eyeshadow which makes me so happy as I know that are just going to be amazing – I urge you to check out her online shop which can be found HERE!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post – let me know if you’ve already bought this or if you are going to.