Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting face mask

Is your skin a little dry? Perhaps dehydrated and a little lack luster? If you answered yes to either or both of those questions then this sheet mask from Indeed Labs maybe just what your looking for. The Hydraluron Moisture Boosting face mask is basically a gallon of water for your face. It uses 3D timed release technology (what ever that is?) of hyaluronic acid to give your skin a moisture boost that will last 24 hours.

hyaluronic Face mask by indeed labs

The sheet mask is not pretty but its lovely and cooling on the skin. You sit back, relax and let your skin soak up all that lovely HA. If you do want to move around with the face mask on it does cling well enough for you to do so.

After I took the face mask off it was pretty dry which was a brilliant sign that my skin had absorbed the product, there was also quite a bit left in the sachet which I squeezed out and massaged into my face and neck.

hyaluronic Face mask by indeed labs

My skin afterwards felt so plump and hydrated as well as looking glowing. This lasted for a good 24 hours and the next morning my make up looked so much better. These masks are perfect in preparation for a special occasion, if you need a bit of a pick up from being run down etc or would be amazing on holiday post flight.

I managed to pick these up from TK Maxx for a bargain price of £5.99. You can usually find them in Boots but the RRP is £19.99, all though they do have 1/3 off at the moment making them £13.33. Even at £20.00 if, I was off on holiday or wanted them for a special occasion I would certainly happily pay full whack for them. You can get from Boots by visiting HERE

I seem to loving skin care at the moment and have some more skincare products that are due to be tested after my current moisturiser has ran out. I’m currently using the Good Things Manuka Honey one which I’ve loved for the past few months and you can read all about it HERE

Origins Mix and Mask box

The face mask gods that are Origins have done an amazing collab with the wonderful Jane aka British Beauty Blogger. I’m a bit of a secret face mask junkie and love nothing more than slapping one on and having a quiet 15 minutes with a tea in silence and no one does a mask quite like Origins. I’m already a super fan of their Drink Up masks for a big moisture boost so when I saw Jane tweet about this for £20.00 I was on it quicker than Beyonce can say “single ladies” 

The box itself is fantastic value for money at £20.00 and comes with about £80ish worth of product plus a £10 voucher. Face mask by origins

Here is a run down of what you get

Maskimizer Skin Optimizing Mask Primer – This is a primer for your face mask. This wonderful light marine algae spritz is the perfect way to prep your skin to get the most from your face mask. I also like to use this when a clay mask has set but I fancy getting a little bit longer out of it, simply spritz all over and the clay will re-soften.

By all greens foaming deep cleansing Mask – Jane describes this as a green juice for the face. It contains green tea, spirulina and spinach in a clay base. Its starts off liquid then bubbles into a foam. Super strange but really gives the skin a deep clean and a boost.

Drink Up Intensive overnight mask – A hero product in my eyes. It really helps plump the skin and give some thirst quenching moisture.

GinZing peel off face mask – This bronze face mask promises to bring some ZING back into dull complexions. You peel this off your face after it has dried which my inner 6 year old loves. We all did the PVA glue on the hands thing didn’t we?

VitaZing SPF energy boosting moisturiser – I love a proper base and shy away from the lighter side of things so I am excited to try this to see if it can sway me. It is self-adjusting so there is no awkward picking the wrong shade here and it also had the added benefit of giving the face a radiant finish while protecting it with SPF 15.

Mask Pods – There are 4 little one time only mask pods, I LOVE these! Super cute and ideal to travel with. You get a Drink up 10 min mask, Clear Improvement mask, Out of trouble and Original Skin. There is something here for any problem days and to get your skin back to best.

I am so impressed with this box. I genuinely cannot wait to try some new products from Origins and spend the £10 voucher. The drink up mask will forever have my heart but I love the new Maskimizer as it feels so light and refreshing on the skin.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing whats included in the Origins box, I know it sold out pretty fast! Latest in Beauty do some amazing boxes and I am hoping to get my grubby hands on the summer glamour box next.

Brazened Honey – A Lush Face Mask

Winter is looming and I’ve already started with the dull skin coupled with feeling a little bit “meh” so I popped into Lush Meadowhall in search of a pick me up – for me Lush never disappoint. I love the alluring smell before you even get into the store, the staff that are always super friendly, helpful and chatty and I even like the cute wicker basket I get to fill while having a browse.
I love the fresh face masks they produce and I ALWAYS buy one every visit I make – this time my mask of choice was Brazened Honey. I decided on this one as my skin was looking dull, tired and a little bit worse for wear. I’ve been suffering with virus after virus and it was really starting to take its toll and the first place I always see this is my skin!
Here is what Lush say about Brazened Honey “Exfoliating, stimulating and nourishing mask for tired skins. Fresh Fruits are blended with warming ayurvedic herbs and spices. Ground Almonds to polish and moisturising honey. Leave your skin vibrant and revitalised”

First thing that hits you about this is the colour – its very bright! The second is the heady mix of honey and herbs with a hint of lime which gives it a comforting but fresh scent – personally I love the smell but I can understand it not being to everyone’s liking. On first application I was really unsure of the texture, it seemed quite rough and I was worried it wouldn’t be nourishing enough. 15 minutes later and its time to remove the mask. As you are removing the mask with warm water it gives the skin a good exfoliation thanks to the ground almonds.
Once fully removed I found my skin was very soft and gave me a bit of my glow back that my skin had lost. My skin appeared to have come back to life and didn’t look as dull and tired.
If your skin is a little lack luster then I would certainly recommend giving Brazened Honey a go – It’s given my skin the pick me it up it needed! Also don’t forget to wash out and save your empty Lush pots – When you get to five you can take them back to Lush and get a FREE face mask. Not bad eh?!?

Let me know if you try this or what other fresh masks by Lush you love!

Thanks for reading!
Beauty Barmy Bird

September Empties


Its that time again where we go through my empties and take a look at products that I’ve used up and decide do we love or hate?
There should have been much more included in this post but I kept forgetting to keep the empties (stupid Claire!)

First up we have some perfume – Estee Lauder Modern Muse. I adore this perfume – it was a present from Matt and I’ve done my best to make it last! I love Estee Lauder everything and I find their perfumes are some of the best, I find they have scents to suit every taste (My Nan was a massive fan of the very heavy Youth Dew and my Mum is obsessed with Pleasures so I must have inherited the love for all things Lauder) Modern Muse is floral, woody with just enough musk. The scent stays all day and I’m always being complimented on how I smell. I’ll be requesting this on my Xmas list or I might try the Modern Muse Chic as I love the bottle even more for this version!
My two make up empties this time around was my beloved Revlon Colorstay foundation which I originally reviewed here Already repurchased! Up next was the Collection Killer Curves waterproof mascara. I picked this up as I wanted a cheap waterproof mascara to use as a base to hold a decent curl. I find this does this job perfectly at a great price point. Its not a mascara I would use on its own but its ideal to curl your lashes then use a thin coat of this to really keep the curl then to go in with one of my favourite non waterproof mascaras.
My most unexpected empty was the Pretty Quik Nail Drying spray – I bought this as I had some normal nail varnish that I wanted to try out but as I’m usually a gel nail kinda girl I didn’t want to be waiting ages for them to dry. It was cheap it did the job making my nails touch dry within a minute or so but it did run out quite quickly.
I also used up a couple of my favourite skin care products one being The Body Shop Camomile cleansing butter which works a dream at getting a full face off – even tough products such as Benefit’s They’re Real Liner. Already stocked back up of this beauty. The second one was the Neal’s Yard Honey and Orange scrub, I LOVE this scrub as its quite coarse, smells like a juicy sweet orange and gives such a deep exfoliation that my skin feels fresh and “new”
The last two empties are both from Lush. I picked up the Catastophe Cosmetic fresh face mask which promised to calm the skin as well as cleansing it while the Blueberries provide some antioxidants for good measure. I liked this mask but I wasn’t wowed by it if I’m honest. The second Lush empty was the Sex Bomb bath bomb that was in my goody bag from the Northern Bloggers event which you can read about here This is one of my favourite bath bombs from lush. Firstly I love the name and it always makes me start singing Tom Jones “Sex Bomb” out loud (I say sing I actually mean screech) and the scent makes me feel all chilled, relaxed and calm which can only be a good thing currently!

What empties did you gave in September or what products to you always end up stocking back up on?

Thanks for reading!
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