Maëlle by Beauty Barmy Bird

Belated Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been to get back onto blogging since before Xmas but you know what I’m like. Anyway, I wanted to share with you all what something exciting that I’ve joined. As you all know I do work full time but being a massive junkie for all things beauty related I always could do with a few extra pounds to buy the latest lipstick or face mask.

Back in May I came across an opportunity which I thought looked interesting, fun and most of all fitted in with what I love – make up and skin care. It sounded perfect so I paid my £59 for the kit and waited patiently until launch date arrived. I thought at best I could earn a little bit of extra cash and a worst I’d gotten over £100 worth of products for £60. The kit arrived towards the end of October and I fell in love the products.

Maëlle is totally cruelty free (they were from the get go and are leaping bunny approved) offer high quality products that do what they say. The packaging of the products are all beautiful and are easy to use.

So I thought I should share the Dawn to Dusk eyeshadow palette which I got in my kit. I’ve been wearing this everyday for work as well for evening as it is a really versatile palette with mattes and shimmers.

The palette contains 8 shadows and has a really nice clear mirror in the top. It does come with two little applicators, lets be honest no one ever uses these as brushes are way better. All the shades are finely milled and the pigmentation is very good especially in the matte shades, I can hand on heart say the mattes are some of the best I’ve tried and ain’t chalky at all.

maelle by beauty barmy bird dawn to dusk

maelle by beauty barmy bird dawn to dusk eye shadow palette

What I really like about this palette is the fact there are some neutral shades which are perfect for a quick, simple day time look, a rose gold and a deep brown which are perfect to transform your day time look to night quickly as well as some greys and a black shade with a tiny amount of sparkle which is so subtle yet stunning.

I’ve included in a couple of swatches of the three shades I seem to use the most below – I’m sure you’ll agree they are BEAUTIFUL!

Maelle Beauty Barmy Bird Dawn to Dusk swatches

The palette costs £30.00 on its own or you can buy it in a bundle with certain other Maëlle products which offer great value for money. You can view the products HERE

Maelle dawn to dusk

If you are interested in signing up and earning a little bit of extra cash or if you just want to join so that you can get cash back on buying your own products feel free to drop me an email.

Thank you so much for reading and you can check out my Maëlle shop at