Leeds Lovin’

If you saw my Twitter/Instagram feed on Saturday then you probably saw that myself, Gemma (McCarthys Beauty Review) and Rachel (Notes from the city) had a bit of a shopping trip in Leeds. Be warned this is a very photo heavy post!
It was Gemma’s birthday the week before so we started the day off with a naughty little bit of prosecco on the 8:22am train from Sheffield to Leeds (prosecco for breakfast is ok right?) by the time we arrived in Leeds and met up with Rachel we was a little bit giggly!
We headed straight to Harvey Nichols and both Gemma and I literally squealed with excitment of the beauty counters!

I picked up a NARS foundation, a Giorgio Armani eye tint and a few bits from Charlotte Tilbury.
I had set myself a budget for the day but I went over it. A lot over it!
We then had a wander through the Victoria Quarter which I adore…..its just a beautiful old fashioned shopping area with stunning features. I love pretty buildings that seem to take you back in time. I wish more places where like this rather than the faceless shopping malls that seem to spring up everywhere.
We stopped for lunch at Yo! Shusi in the Trinity Centre. I’m going to admit it that this was my first ever Yo! experience and I LOVED it. I had the pepper squid and tempura shrimp – it was amazing.IMG_4760IMG_4727IMG_4728
After lunch we popped over to The Alchemist as I had been told we needed to pay it a visit so it was a must do to stop in for one drink. I was so surpirsed by how busy it was but it was a relaxed atmosphere and we managed to get a seat out in the sun!

Photo: Notes from the City

Photo: Notes from the City

After a few drinks it was back the shops…..I made a few more purchases from Neals Yard, Kiehls and The Body Shop.
While we was passing a bit of time until it was time to get the train home we had a wander to Starbucks to grab a drink and rest our feet. We also headed over to the Corn Exchange which is another unique building that I fell in love with. Its full with independant quirky shops and eateries.

Picture: McCarthys Beauty Review

Picture: McCarthys Beauty Review

On the way home I may have had one (two) glasses of wine to finish the day off!

It was such a great day that I swear my feet are still hurting from the walking! Here is a what I bought on the day. Not a bad haul don’t you think?

Ps sorry some of the pictures aren’t the correct way – wordpress is being naughty and won’t let me rotate them for some reason! I will keep trying though xx 

7 deadly sins of make up

The beautiful Gemma over at McCarthy’s beauty review tagged me in the 7 deadly sins of make up post…. I love taking part in these as well as seeing everyone’s posts so here is mine!

Greed – most expensive beauty product
This without a doubt is my beautiful but very expensive Ellis Faas skin veil foundation at £55 it’s by far the most expensive item in my collection but my word it give a beautiful finish!

Wrath – the thing you have a love/hate relationship with
This is tricky but I’d probably have to say eyelash curlers. I’ve yet to find an amazing pair that really does create beautiful curled eyelashes that stay.

Gluttony – which brand makes up the most of your collection
Estée Lauder for sure! I don’t know what it is but I just adore Estée Lauder from foundation to lipsticks to perfumes I just can’t get enough! I find the packaging to be classic and timeless and the products to be spot on.

Sloth – what thing do you neglect the most
Eye cream for sure, I don’t know why when I’ve got dark circles but I always forget my eye cream.

Pride – what item gives you the most confidence
It’s all about the eyebrows for me, I don’t feel done with out some wax and eye brow powder. I love the elf eyebrow kit as it’s super affordable and as good as Benefit’s brow-zing.

Lust – top of the wish list
Currently I’m dying to get my hands on the gold bar highlight by Charlotte Tilbury or anything Tom Ford.

Envy – what’s the one thing that looks great on others but no you
This is orange lips – I LOVE them on everyone else but on me I look like a clown. I don’t know if I’m just choosing the wrong shades for my skin tone or if they just don’t suit me.

I’ve loved going through my deadly sins and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it…..if anyone posts theirs then please let me let me know. I’d love to read them!

As always thanks for reading!
Beauty Barmy Bird