Disappointing beauty products

I like to keep things on the more positive side of things here but recently I seem to have been disappointed by quite a lot of purchases. I’ve given all of these a good few months trial but I just can’t get on with them, maybe my exceptions are too high, who knows.

Disappointing make up and beauty products

We have two mascaras which aren’t cutting it, one high end one high street. I love the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara so when I saw the new Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara I hoped it would be better than its big sister. I don’t know what it is with this mascara but it just clumps all my lashes together. The product itself is very wet but its possibly the blackest black ever. I think it might be the brush, apparently it has a little reservoir that holds the formula, it just seems to put too much product on all at once. Massive thumbs down.

The second mascara is Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes mascara which is pricey at £22.00. It promises to deliver curl, separation, length, the full works. Well, I can say this does absolutely nothing. I curl my lashes and put this mascara on and the go straight, they don’t look fuller, longer or curled they look like shit. Please don’t waste your money.

charlotte tilbury mascara, maybelline mascara

Moving on to lip products; I had high hopes for the Freedom Pro Melts in Applause the colour is stunning, a shocking pink but I just can’t get on with the formulation. It some how manages to highlight any dry patches while being super sticky and messy. If you rub your lips together you are then left with an odd patchy coverage which looks so strange. The second is a sister brand of Freedom, I heart makeup with their lip sorbet. The product itself, I cant argue with but just look at it! I used it once and it completely fell apart onto the floor. Yes, it was only about £3 but that is beside the point, I should have paid more and picked up one from EOS or Balmi. Maybe I just got a bad one?

make up not worth buying

Last on my list is the Air Mat Foundation from Bourjois. First of all don’t get me started on the shade range, this is a massive bug bear with this brand and there is no excuse to have such limited shades in 2016. I picked up shade 2 Vanilla, which is the closest shade to the shade I am in their other foundations, or so I thought. This has got to be the yellowest foundation ever, I am talking Marge Simpson yellow. It claims to be high coverage, it isn’t, its medium at best. It clings to any dry patches and gives a flat matte finishe. It claims to last 24 hours and that it eliminates shine, if you are oily expect this to last about 6 hours at it’s very best. It also has such a strong perfume scent. Sorry Bourjois, its a no from me. I’ll stick to Revlon Colour Stay for a real full coverage, long lasting high street foundation.

So this has been a bit a rant from me butt I have been brutally honest. I can safely say that these are now going in the bin.

What products do you regret buying recently? Have you tried any of the products above and loved them? I’d love to hear from you if you have.




Waterproof Make up, it is actually waterproof?

Hello lovelies!
A few of you may know that I kinda like swimming, last year I did it lots but then for some reason I stopped, I have no idea why but I’m guessing the cold weather, comfort food and Xmas chocolates all made it less appealing to actually go. I’ve spent probably 4 months promising myself that I’ll get back into it but like most things I managed to put it off until a month ago which got me thinking about waterproof make up. Even though my skin has improved so much over the past couple of years I am still very self-aware sans make up, I blame it on my horrendously dark and sunken under eyes which against my fair skin, makes me looks well, quite frankly like I’m ill. Now I am fully aware wearing make up is not recommended when working out and getting a sweat on but I literally cannot face going completely bare-faced so I do always wear a little bit of something to make me feel ok. Call me stupid, call me vain I really don’t care as personally if it was a choice between going make up free or not going I’d pick the latter.
Anyway enough about that – The actual point of this post is to test out a few of the waterproof options available and see if they can actually hold up in the water. As summer is also coming up and lots of you will be jetting off on you holidays there might be a few ideas if you want a bit of something to wear at the beach or if your off to a pool party.

Not all the products I have used are waterproof as I couldn’t find waterproof everything easily but the make up I did I wore around 3 hours prior to going swimming on a warm UK day running errands.
All products that claim to be waterproof are markeD with a (W) at the end and anything that claims to be water-resistant are marked (WR)– so here a full list of what I used.
MAC Studio Sculpt foundation in NC25 (W)
Illamasqua cream pigment in emerge (WR)
Maybelline matte maker pressed powder in Nude beige
Body Shop Honey bronzer in 02
TopShop metallic cream blush in Pulse
Anastasia dipbrow pomade in dark brown (W)
Avon eyeshadow pot
Bourjois colorband eyeshadow/liner in Rose, beige and brun (W)
Bourjois volume 1 seconde mascara (W)
Urban decay 24/7 lip pencil in Ozone
Bourjois Colorboost glossy lipcolour in orange punch (W)

Waterproof make up

Here is what the make up looked like freshly applied and right before swimming

Waterproof make up

Here is what I looked like after swimming

Overall the make up stood up pretty well. The lipcolour was the biggest let down as it had pretty much complete disappeared. The foundation and base had started to disappear just around my hair-line and was breaking down around my nose and chin area. The mascara hadn’t run at all but I did feel the it had started to lose the curl on my eyelashes. The colorbands stayed quite intact over my eyes but I can’t say I got my eye lids overly wet and my eyebrows stayed on albeit looking a little lighter!
I did test the colorbands on my hand to see if they could withstand a lot of water – I found half way through my swim they had gone quite tacky to touch and by the end of my swim that really begin to start to breakdown and lost all of their gorgeous luster.
bourjois colorband before and after swimming

bourjois colorband before and after swimming

I know this isn’t a scientific test or anything like that but I think it does put the products I used through their paces. If you’re not too much of a water baby this summer then I certainly think that nearly all of these products could work for you but I’d give the Bourjois lipcolor a swerve as I feel a normal long-lasting lip product would last just as well potentially even better.

I’d love to know if you liked this post or if you found it useful at all.

Thanks for reading

National Lipstick Day!

In honour and celebration of national lipstick day I thought the only proper thing to do is to post about the wonderful beauty staple!
I’ve complied my favorite lipstick and lip products of the moment. I really struggled to just narrow it down to a few so I’ve put them in to categories.
First up we have reds!

So in my “red section” my three top picks are:
1. Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 08 Grand Cru.
I love the deep rich red of this colour and the staying power is awesome. It is a matte finish which I’m particularity fond of at the moment.
2. Ellis Fass Creamy Lips in L101 Ellis Red.
My most beloved lip product of all. Just look at the beautiful silver packaging! Ellis Red is the signature colour of the brand and is based upon the natural colour of blood which apparently means it will suit everyone regardless of skin colour or tone.
3. Make Up Atelier Lipstick in B095 Deep Red.
Beautiful rich and creamy texture that is also waterproof. Amazing pigmentation – one swipe is enough. Doesn’t feel drying to the lips and longevity of wear is fantastic.

Now we’ve covered the reds next move onto the nudes!
This for me was the hardest category to decide on. I just LOVE a nude lip. So after much deliberation I got it down to four products I can’t seem to stay away from.
1. B. Rich intense colour lipstick in Dolls House
This was bought on a bit of a whim, Suerdrug had an offer on and I went into meltdown and picked about 20 things up that I didn’t even need this being one of them. At first I wasn’t sure on this shade. It was a bit too peach for my liking but its something that I’ve grown to love. It doesn’t have the best longevity so it is something that needs re-applying throughout the day but it really is an easy to wear shade.
2. Revlon Colourburst balm stain in 001 Honey.
I loved it when I first posted about this little beauty here and I’m still loving it. Beautiful, easy to wear and a ‘my lips but better’ shade. Perfect nude in my book.
3. Kardashian Beauty Honeystick In the Flesh.
This lipgloss smells divine and is long lasting but not sticky or gloopy. Shame it doesn’t turn me into a Kardashian but I love it non the less. A stunning rose-y pink nude.
4. L’oreal LExtraordinaire Liquid Lipstick in 101 Rose Melody.
My current must have…Soft, shiny but the colour pay off of a lipstick. Another one I raved about when I first featured it a week or so ago.
Moving swiftly on to the bright and beautiful pinks.
I love a bold, bright and beautiful pink lip, it makes me feel ready for summer and immediately “done up”
1. MUA Luxe lip laquer in Criminal.
Uber bright, matte and very pink. I tend to put a bit of balm on first before applying this one as I find sometimes it can be drying and crack which is not a good look but i just adore the in your face colour.
2. ELF lipstick in Sociable.
A good rich budget lipstick in a hot pink colour with subtle shimmer running through. Great staying power. Not much else to say really.
3. Revlon colourburst matte balm in 220 Showy
My favourite pink of all – see my full thoughts on this one here.

That’s it for my lipstick lowdown – What lip products have you been reaching for on national lipstick day?

Thanks for reading!
Beauty Barmy Bird

Tried & tested: High street foundations


So over the past week or so I’ve been giving four high street foundations the test drive!
I usually wear Estée Lauder double wear for pretty much everyday use or my beloved Ellis Faas skin veil for special occasions and nights out. I am a believer that high end foundations are superior to their high street counterparts but in an effort to save a bit of cash I’ve been searching for a foundation that will not only stay well on my combination skin but give me a reasonable amount of coverage at a great price.
I’ve decided to post a pic of my ugly mug freshly made up with each foundation on and then a shot of me wearing it a good few hours later. Again I apologise for the quality of the photos as they are all taken with an iPhone but hopefully you will get an idea of the wear. I used my usual primer (Rimmel fix and perfect pro) so I could compare fairly to how Double wear performs on me as well as using my trusty Real Techniques expert face brush to apply them. So here goes…..

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
I picked this foundation out because I know quite a few people who wear this and adore it so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I picked up shade 53 as when I was under the bright fluorescent lights in my local boots I thought it was a match however it was a tad too dark so I had to go and pick up shade 52 which is a much better match.
It comes in an inoffensive glass bottle with a pump – nothing fancy here!
The texture is pretty lightweight and thin but not at all watery. I found it blends lovely, I felt it did leave me with a nice glow to my skin and was a beautiful satin like finish. It gave me a perfect amount of coverage and I would say it is more of a medium finish but build able.
I had this foundation on for around 6 hours overall but I did notice the shine starting at around 4 hours in even with my trusted Rimmel fix and perfect pro primer on which was a little disappointing.
Overall I really liked this foundation for its finish (I’m usually all about the matte for daytime). I would use it again but feel this is ideal for those days when you are going to be out the house for a few hours but don’t need it to last all day.


Revlon colour stay for oily/combination skin
I went for this foundation as it promises up to 24 hours wear and the fact I’ve never actually tried any Revlon foundation ever. I picked up this in Sand Beige as I couldn’t decide what shade to go for (anyone else struggle with this under the awful fluorescent lights in stores?) and my train of thought was sand beige sounds like desert beige and that’s the shade I am in EL double wear. Luckily it seems I picked right as this was a perfect match for me.
Again this was in a no frills glass bottle minus the pump. I’m quite used to not having a pump and this didn’t put me off buying it but when I came to apply it, it was so difficult to actually get any out as it seemed the texture was quite thick and just seemed to defy gravity so I had to keep sticking my index finger in to get it out and pop it on the back of my hand. Annoying or what?
Aside the initial difficulty of getting the product out it applied very well, again with my RT expert face brush and gave quite a full coverage but didn’t seem mask like in the slightest, felt lightweight on the skin and was a beautiful matte finish (yey!)
I popped this on a few hours before heading out to dinner and then ended up staying out for a few drinks so I wore it for about 7 hours in total. When I got home and looked in the mirror I was pleased that there wasn’t really any shine at all.
Overall I thought this foundation was great and it’s one I will continue to use as it gave me the coverage I wanted along with the capability of staying shine free. I can over look the issues I had with getting to the product for that. (If anyone knows of where you can get a pump to fit then please let me know)


Max factor colour adapt
This is a foundation I used to wear when it first launched many moons ago and I LOVED it back then and wondered why did I fall out of love with it?
I picked up the shade I used to wear back in the day which was Warm Almond as i knew it was a good match and that if I’d not got it spot on the colour adapting technology would work its magic.
This one comes in a plastic bottle with a pump action for super easy dispensation.
The thing I loved about this foundation was the texture – it’s a beautiful light cream to powder finish that gives good coverage but a natural finish. I wore this for a day out with my other half and when I did my make up I felt I looked natural but flawless (ish) and as if I’d got no foundation on at all. The only downside to this one is on my oily ares it doesn’t stay fantastically well and I need to touch up after just a few hours.
Would I buy this one again – possibly. I love how it is when it’s first applied but it just doesn’t hold up like I need it to on my oily areas which is such a shame.


L’oreal nude magique Eau de teint
I’ve read so much about this and wondered what all the fuss what about. I must admit when I got this I thought that it was going to be no good for me and that it would be way to little coverage.
It comes in a glass bottle that is very slim line and feels more expensive than it actually is.
Before your start getting the product out you need to shake it first – I didn’t and got a separated mess of water and foundation all over. Lesson learnt there!
When they say it’s a lighter than water they really aren’t kidding….at this stage I was thinking this isn’t going to cover much but I carried on and was made to eat my words. I don’t know or care how they’ve done it but they’ve done it! Once it’s applied you really don’t know you’ve got it on it’s amazingly lightweight and glides on to the skin with no effort. Coverage wise it is light coverage but it gave me adequate coverage with the help of a little concealer. It held up really well and I didn’t notice a massive amount of shine until about 5 hours into my day (I was just pottering around the house)
I will definitely buy this again albeit in a lighter shade (my shade picking skills need improving) as I’m someone who’s not confident enough to go out bare faced but this is perfect for those days that I don’t want or need to wear a full face but want something to just help me look a little more human – you know what I mean, right?


So overall after trying out these high street foundations I’m actually pretty impressed all though I do still feel high end foundations do perform better overall however for the price difference I will definitely be trying more high street foundations in the future.
The two stand out ones I’ve tried is by far the Revlon colourstay for its ability to remain shine free and the L’oreal one for its amazingly makeup free feel.

I’ve loved doing this post and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. Have you tried any of these foundations, what did you think? Or if you can recommend anymore I should try then please get in touch.

As always thanks for reading!
Beauty Barmy Bird
( no photo of me at the end of my post this time – think my face features enough in this post all ready haha )