Disappointing beauty products

I like to keep things on the more positive side of things here but recently I seem to have been disappointed by quite a lot of purchases. I’ve given all of these a good few months trial but I just can’t get on with them, maybe my exceptions are too high, who knows.

Disappointing make up and beauty products

We have two mascaras which aren’t cutting it, one high end one high street. I love the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara so when I saw the new Lash Sensational Luscious Mascara I hoped it would be better than its big sister. I don’t know what it is with this mascara but it just clumps all my lashes together. The product itself is very wet but its possibly the blackest black ever. I think it might be the brush, apparently it has a little reservoir that holds the formula, it just seems to put too much product on all at once. Massive thumbs down.

The second mascara is Charlotte Tilbury’s Full Fat Lashes mascara which is pricey at £22.00. It promises to deliver curl, separation, length, the full works. Well, I can say this does absolutely nothing. I curl my lashes and put this mascara on and the go straight, they don’t look fuller, longer or curled they look like shit. Please don’t waste your money.

charlotte tilbury mascara, maybelline mascara

Moving on to lip products; I had high hopes for the Freedom Pro Melts in Applause the colour is stunning, a shocking pink but I just can’t get on with the formulation. It some how manages to highlight any dry patches while being super sticky and messy. If you rub your lips together you are then left with an odd patchy coverage which looks so strange. The second is a sister brand of Freedom, I heart makeup with their lip sorbet. The product itself, I cant argue with but just look at it! I used it once and it completely fell apart onto the floor. Yes, it was only about £3 but that is beside the point, I should have paid more and picked up one from EOS or Balmi. Maybe I just got a bad one?

make up not worth buying

Last on my list is the Air Mat Foundation from Bourjois. First of all don’t get me started on the shade range, this is a massive bug bear with this brand and there is no excuse to have such limited shades in 2016. I picked up shade 2 Vanilla, which is the closest shade to the shade I am in their other foundations, or so I thought. This has got to be the yellowest foundation ever, I am talking Marge Simpson yellow. It claims to be high coverage, it isn’t, its medium at best. It clings to any dry patches and gives a flat matte finishe. It claims to last 24 hours and that it eliminates shine, if you are oily expect this to last about 6 hours at it’s very best. It also has such a strong perfume scent. Sorry Bourjois, its a no from me. I’ll stick to Revlon Colour Stay for a real full coverage, long lasting high street foundation.

So this has been a bit a rant from me butt I have been brutally honest. I can safely say that these are now going in the bin.

What products do you regret buying recently? Have you tried any of the products above and loved them? I’d love to hear from you if you have.




Phee’s Makeup Tie Dye Sunset compact and Pressed Glow compact.

My most recent purchase has been two glorious compact highlighters from Phee’s Makeup. You know I already love her original glow powder as I posted about it here, it really is my favourite highlighter. Since then Phee has launched loads more wonderful products including eyeshadows which again I am a fan of, her Polilla shade is to die for.

I picked the Glow compact (£16.00) as I love it so much however, the loose powder can be a bit of a faff and I also ordered the Tie dye sunset compact (£18.00) as it reminded me of a shimmer brick. It contains the Original Glow, a newer shade called Bellini and Sphinx, a mineral eye shadow shade. These shades can be used individually or you can swirl them together and you get a lovely sun kissed, glowing shade.

Phees makeup compact glow and tie dye sunset compact highlighters

I love the fact that these products are all handmade by Phee herself in Sheffield, she is so talented and passionate about make up that you know she is not going to put out any old crap. They are all cruelty free and vegan friendly. They contain just 3 things; mica, alcohol and glycerin so there is certainly no fillers or shit ingredients.

Phees makeup compact glow and tie dye sunset compact highlighters

The powders are really easy to work with and the tiniest bit goes such a long way. Used sparingly you can achieve a subtle glow or you can go for the full on Insta highlight but without massive chunks of glitter. They reflect the light so much, it was really hard to photograph them as the light just bounces back. They really do shine bright light a diamond.

Phees Makeup Glow, Bellini and Sphinx swatch

Each compact is black with Phee’s logo on the front and ingredients on the back. Inside there is a handy mirror which is really clear. The pans are 59mm and contain 7g of product. I love the fact that each tie dye pattern is unique.

Its a massive thumbs up from me but I didn’t doubt I would feel any other way. I just want to roll around in the pans and glow light a light bulb! Phee also sends her orders out in the best holographic packaging which really suits the product and makes receiving them even more exciting, I am a massive sucker for packaging and it just adds a really nice touch.

Please check out Phee’s shop by visiting www.pheesmakeupshop.com you can also save 25% off your first order! Let me know what you decide to order.

Beauty Must Haves

I’ve recently noticed that I tend to re-purchase and constantly reach for the same products time after time so I thought it would be fun to show you all my beauty must haves that I swear by. There is beauty and skin care, high end to high street (drug store if your in the US).
Make up must haves. Estee Lauder foundation, maybelline mascara, The body shop bronzer

Revlon Photo Finish Primer £12.99
I love this primer, it really helps blur imperfections and creates a soft canvas ready for foundation. It’s always on some sort of 3 for 2 offer in Boots so it’s incredible value for money too.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation £27.90 – £31.00
I mix two shades 1W1 Bone and 2N1 Desert Beige to get a good match, for me there is no foundation like it. Medium coverage but build-able to full, it lasts all day and is perfect for oily skin.

RCMA No Colour Powder £8.95
Loved and adored by some of the top make up artists, this no colour powder is finely milled and will not adjust the colour of your foundation. It sets everything in place and a little goes a long way.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder £13.00
I’ve used this bronzer for the past 2/3 years and adore it. It’s matte and comes in a variety of shades so there is an option for such a wide range of skin tones.

Make up must haves. Estee Lauder foundation, maybelline mascara, The body shop bronzer

Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof mascara £5.99
I love the Benefit Rollerlash but hate the price tag, this does just a good a job at a fraction of the price. I prefer the waterproof version as I find it holds a curl better.

Avene Cleanance cleansing gel £8.25
If I don’t use this cleansing gel after taking my make up off with an oil my skin seems to go into melt down. Its probably the product most responsible for making my oily skin and breakouts manageable. I do not know what I would do if they ever decide discontinue this.

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip liner in East End Snob £3.99
Rimmel do the best lip liners, better than MAC and lots of other high end brands in my humble opinion. East End snob is a pretty dusky pink that is super versatile and it goes on so creamy with no dragging. 

NARS Creamy concealer £22.50
It’s pretty expensive for a concealer but its worth every last penny. It lives up to the creamy hype and covers under eyes like a dream. I buy these in multiples as I can’t bear the thought of running out.

Make up must haves. Estee Lauder foundation, maybelline mascara, The body shop bronzer

KIKO longlasting eyeshadow stick £6.90
Love, love, love these stick eyeshadows from KIKO. I have them in a few shades and they are perfect for a quick eye look. They blend out really well with a big fluffy brush and are really long lasting. I think KIKO have a 50% off offer on these at the moment too so I’m off to buy more!

Clinique Pop lip colour
I have two of these fab lippies, Mocha Pop and Blush Pop. I adore them both, they pack a punch with pigmentation, go on smoothly with no dragging and last quite well. For £16.00 I think they are pretty good value for a mid/high end lip product.

So there is my must haves, I could go on but I’ll round off and leave it at ten. 

Let me know your must haves


Smoky Eye essential from The Body Shop

Everyone loves a smoky eye but sometimes we don’t have the time, patience or the clean brushes to smoke, smoke, smoke with eye shadow. Well fear not as thanks to The Body Shop we can get our smoke on without blending your arms off.

I picked up the Smoky Eye Definer Pencil in a recent Easter Bank Holiday sale, I love The Body Shop but I sometimes over look their make up range but it was on offer and I needed to itch that spending spot that I sometimes get so I popped it into my cart and forgot about it until it landed a few days later on my door step.

The body shop smoky eye

My first impressions were to be honest a bit “meh”, it’s an eye pencil and lets face it they are never the most exciting or prettiest products in the make up world. A few days later I thought I’d give it a whirl and see if it was any good and it was! I’m always really picky when it comes to eye pencils as I find they are either too hard and you end up gouging out your eye-ball in a vain attempt to get the product on or they are far too soft and end up all over your face like a not so cute panda. 

The Body Shop pencil is the perfect in between of not too hard and not too soft that Goldilocks would instantly approve. It glides on like a dream and while the pigment is not enough that you get a jet black pay off it builds lovely and the smudger on the other end is perfect for smoking it out.

You may have seen one of the popular beauty hack of drawing a # on the outer corner of your eye then blending this out (if you haven’t click here) well this is PERFECT for that!

The Body Shop eye definer

If anyone has any more cheat products or beauty hacks then please let me know!

Thanks for reading