Not meaning to sound all Adele but Hello….

I’ve been missing for months now, I originally only planned to take a month off blogging but then things just kind of got in the way and suddenly its 2016.So thought it was about time that I checked in so here is a quick update from me before we get back to business and start blogging about make up, skincare and all the really important stuff (yes I am being a tiny weeny bit sarcastic cos we all know that stuff isn’t that important)

So I started my new job Sep which thankfully is all going okay, still getting used to the 45min-1 hour drive each way but hoping it will get easier when Spring rolls around, I’ve re-joined Slimming World so I’m posting loads of meal and snack ideas on Instagram (@Beautybarmybird if you don’t already follow me) and Gus is still as naughty as ever but has grown loads. Still don’t know how to use my Canon 1200d camera which is fun especially as I’d convinced myself I’d basically be Chesterfields answer to Mario Testino by now. 

I’ve got a couple of posts lined up which I originally took photos for back in August. One is about some of the eyeshadows from a fellow Sheffield Blog/Make up extraordinaire Phee and another on an MUA Luxe item so keep your eyes peeled for those landing soon.

Here is also a photo of my face just because…. (insert sassy girl emoji here) Oh and Matt
my face

See you all soon

Charlotte Tilbury 1975 red

So I finally got my laptop back from repair and I’ve invested in a fancy new camera which means this post that I had been planning for aaages can finally happen and hopefully the photos will appear (slightly) better than my previous ones however, I’m still not completely au fait with all the settings so I’m sure they are not quite pro looking yet! Anyways enough of me rambling on and lets talk about this beauty………….Isn’t she gorgeous?!
Charlotte Tilbury lipstick 1975 red

I fell in love with Charlotte Tibury products on my first visit to the counter in Leeds which you can read all about HERE

The latest collection by Charlotte is inspired by the iconic images of Norman Parkinson, the 1975 red lipsticks is part of the Miss 1975 collection is a limited edition of the Matte Revolution range and is a stunning orange/red. The packaging of course is chic and glamorous, as all Charlotte’s products are. The texture is quite firm but highly pigmented and lasts for ages. With it being matte I did worry about it being very drying but this isn’t the case at all. I do find however that the shape of the lipstick straight out of the bullet is quite awkward to work with so I do tend to use a lip brush to enable me to get a good clean and precise application.
1975 red
It’s quite pricey at £23.00 but it is limited edition and it is stunning so if you fancy a red lipstick and a treat (you know you deserve one!) then I would recommend you check this one out. Its perfect for summer and really compliments such a wide range of skin tones.

You can buy the lipstick from the Charlotte Tilbury website HERE

If red isn’t your thing I recently reviewed a nude lip colour again from Charlotte for a guest post which you can read HERE.

Batiste Stylist range

We all love a new range and we love it even more when there is an offer on right? On my recent payday trip to Boots I saw the new Stylist range from Batiste with a third off so the inevitable happened and I chucked a few of them in my basket in the name of the blog. I’m not really a hair person, in the sense that my hair is crap. Its fine, fluffy and I generally resemble someone from the hair bear bunch!
batiste stylist range
The complete range comprises of a heat & shine spray, texturizing spray, XXL volume spray, Frizz tamer and a hairspray.
You can view the full range on the Boots website by clicking HERE

I needed some hairspray so picked up the Hold Me Hairspray which gives a natural hold and what I like about this is the fact it sprays in a very fine mist.
I also picked up the Smooth It Frizz Tamer (for the fluffy hair bear bunch mop) which does actually help my hair in not getting (too) frizzy and fluffy on the occasions its damp and humid.
And lastly the Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray for la limp locks which sprays out in a powder-esque way to give added volume, kind of like a backcomb but less of the birds nest. I’ve used this a few times when I’ve had my hair down but with the front sectioned pinned back off my face and it worked really well, I didn’t quite go for XXL volume but more of a lift.
The full range currently has a third off at Boots so currently is around £2.99 each plus you get your advantage points as well! I’m pretty impressed with the range and at this price point I really don’t think you can go wrong.

I really hope you have enjoyed reading my post about Batiste, I’d love to know if you’ve tried it yet and your thoughts so please let me know!

If you fancy reading more about hair related stuff I also posted about my favourite dry shampoo and a hair care range for sensitive scalps.

The £2.80 brush cleaning tool to make life easier

Hands up if you hate washing your brushes….I think everyone feels the same about this chore even though we know it needs to be done for the sake of our skin but if you are anything like me, you put it off for as long as you can. But how nice does it feel once they are all clean and fluffy?
Well what if I told you there was a little rubber tool for under three quid which could make it a little more bearable….it would be great eh? Well it is great and I am so pleased with my little Ebay purchase that I needed to share it with you all.
Introducing my newest best-est friend the Brush Egg
brush egg make up brush cleaning tool

This little guy is made of silicone with ridges at the bottom to help agitate bristles and little bumps (I was going to put knobs but seen as my mental age is 12 I though better of it) which helps work up a later as well as really working in brush shampoo on the more stubborn brushes. I use this with baby shampoo which I generally use on my brushes and it really cut down the cleaning time buy about 15 mins (I have a stupid amount of brushes)
You may have seen the sigma brush glove which I have considered purchasing but at £30.95 it seems a lot of money so this is such a fantastic alternative that does a similar job. I used the brush egg on all my brushes and it cleaned them all really well even ones caked in foundation, the only negative I have to say about this is that it is on the small side. So for large bronzing brushes you do have to work at getting all sides clean but is that worth buying a product 10 times the price? Personally I don’t think it is.
brush egg brush cleaning

You can buy the Brush Egg for £2.79 from the same Ebay seller I did HERE, they are UK based so delivery only takes a few days. There are even cheaper listing on there but the sellers seem to be outside of the UK so delivery will take longer and I prefer to have things within a few days rather than a few weeks but that’s just me.

This would also work perfectly with the Make Up Revolution Brush Shampoo I previously reviewed which you can read about by clicking THIS

Let me know if you decide to try one of these for yourself – I would LOVE to know how you get on with it!

Thanks for reading