Hello and welcome to my blog!

Hello my name is Claire and I’m the Beauty Barmy Bird! First of all thanks for reading this – this is my first ever attempt at blogging so please be gentle haha hopefully I will be become better as I go on.
A few things about me and what I (hope) this blog will be about.
I’m 28 and currently live In Chesterfield with my boyfriend of nearly 8 years and our two dogs.
I’ve started this blog because I am a little beauty barmy and LOVE trying out new products and techniques which I’m hoping you will all enjoy reading about my experiences and maybe give you a little inspiration to try something new.
Any way bye for now and I’ll be posting my skincare routine in the coming few days so please stop by for a nosy and let me know what you think 🙂
Thanks for reading!
Beauty Barmy Bird