What’s in my handbag?

First of all sorry that this post is so overdue – life kinda got in the way over the past 3/4days as it sometimes does but finally here we go with what I currently keep stashed away in my handbag that are really my essentials.

The bag I’m currently using is my old faithful DKNY bag that I got from House of Fraser around 9 years ago but its in really good condition still and i just love it. It is smaller than my usual bag so I’ve really had to cut back on what I keep in there!


I always keep a little foldaway hairbrush in my bag – the one I’ve got at the moment is just a cheap one from Superdrug, I sometimes suffer with headaches so again Nurofen is must along with a spare hair bobble, tweezers and a compact mirror. Oh and of course my purse, the one I currently use is a black patent one with a gold colour panther on the front and I adore it but it’s broke so I’m currently on the hunt for a new one (I’m very picky when it comes to a purse so it will take a while) Anyway on to the make up bit….I store my few bits in a lovely gold colour Estée Lauder  make up pouch that I got in a gift set at Xmas from my BF, it is quiet small but I can fit the few bits I need on a daily basis.


DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

I adore this fresh light fragrance – its easy to wear and perfect for a little pick my up come mid afternoon

Body Shop Wild Rose hand cream SPF 15

I really hate having dry hands and my mum has always said hands give your age away so this small tube is ideal to slip into my bag to ensure my hands don’t go scaly. It has a suitable fragrance of rose and the rosehip oil really does ensure you get the moisture boost needed plus the bonus of an SPF.

Wild About Beauty mattifying balm

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts I have combination/oily skin so sometimes I do have to touch up and keep the shine at bay. This is my go to product every time – it works over your make up to help smooth the skin as well as mattify the oily areas. It can be used as a base/alternative to powder but for me I find it works best for on the go touch ups.

DuWop Pure Venom Plumping Stain in Berry

I love berry shades but sometimes I find a lipstick or gloss a bit too full on and this stain is suitable enough to wear in the daytime as its a gorgeous sheer shade.  Its 100% natural and I believe 90% of the ingredients are organic which is a plus point for me. This stain works with an essential oil blend to plump the lips but it isn’t at all drying.

ELF lip balm SPF 15 (there is no shade on the packaging)

If I’m not wearing a berry shade then its usually something on the red side – this is perfect to give me moisture my dry lips crave along with a hint of colour and the fact it has some SPF is great.

There we go thats it for my handbag essentials post – what are the things you have to have with you all times?

Thanks for reading!

Beauty Barmy Bird




Harpers Bazaar Birchbox

So since starting my blog I’ve been eager to sign up to one of the many beauty subscription boxes out there so after doing a bit of research reading other bloggers thoughts on all things subscription boxes I decided to try Birchbox. I though this would be the one which would suit me because they promise to deliver high end beauty items along with a sprinkle of lifestyle products too as well the fact they seemed to offer many brands I’ve never even heard of before! The fact that May was a Harpers Bazaar one sealed the deal.

So the day came and my beautiful Birchbox arrived….


I opened the box and the first thing I saw was the utterly beautiful and colourful box, I knew instantly this was going to be not just good but REALLY good.


When I first undid the package I was a bit bombarded with cards with lots of information on, in all honesty I wasn’t bothered about them I just wanted to know what was in this beautifully tropical looking box.

The Contents
Sample size of Benefit They’re real mascara – this is something I’ve been dying to try for a while now so I was super pleased with this little offering.
Sample size of Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish – Again this is something I’ve been meaning to give a whirl so the fact it was in the box is fab as it means I can give it ago without having to buy a full size.
Soigne´nail lacquer in Persimmon – A brand I never heard of so was curious as to what this was like. On its a beautiful orange red that goes on like a dream. I think I’ve found a new favourite nail polish brand!
Aromatherapy Associates revive morning bath and shower oil – Bath and shower oil have never really been my thing but in all the bitts of information that came with it (yes I did eventually read it) there was a little tip to use it as a light daytime fragrance which is more up my street.
Beauty Protector shampoo and conditioner – Again a brand I’ve never heard of so I am curious to try this especially as its sulphate free.


So overall I am impressed with my first Birchbox and can’t wait to get the June one. What did you think to this months Birchbox?

Thanks for reading!
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Tried & tested: High street foundations


So over the past week or so I’ve been giving four high street foundations the test drive!
I usually wear Estée Lauder double wear for pretty much everyday use or my beloved Ellis Faas skin veil for special occasions and nights out. I am a believer that high end foundations are superior to their high street counterparts but in an effort to save a bit of cash I’ve been searching for a foundation that will not only stay well on my combination skin but give me a reasonable amount of coverage at a great price.
I’ve decided to post a pic of my ugly mug freshly made up with each foundation on and then a shot of me wearing it a good few hours later. Again I apologise for the quality of the photos as they are all taken with an iPhone but hopefully you will get an idea of the wear. I used my usual primer (Rimmel fix and perfect pro) so I could compare fairly to how Double wear performs on me as well as using my trusty Real Techniques expert face brush to apply them. So here goes…..

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
I picked this foundation out because I know quite a few people who wear this and adore it so I thought I’d give it a whirl. I picked up shade 53 as when I was under the bright fluorescent lights in my local boots I thought it was a match however it was a tad too dark so I had to go and pick up shade 52 which is a much better match.
It comes in an inoffensive glass bottle with a pump – nothing fancy here!
The texture is pretty lightweight and thin but not at all watery. I found it blends lovely, I felt it did leave me with a nice glow to my skin and was a beautiful satin like finish. It gave me a perfect amount of coverage and I would say it is more of a medium finish but build able.
I had this foundation on for around 6 hours overall but I did notice the shine starting at around 4 hours in even with my trusted Rimmel fix and perfect pro primer on which was a little disappointing.
Overall I really liked this foundation for its finish (I’m usually all about the matte for daytime). I would use it again but feel this is ideal for those days when you are going to be out the house for a few hours but don’t need it to last all day.


Revlon colour stay for oily/combination skin
I went for this foundation as it promises up to 24 hours wear and the fact I’ve never actually tried any Revlon foundation ever. I picked up this in Sand Beige as I couldn’t decide what shade to go for (anyone else struggle with this under the awful fluorescent lights in stores?) and my train of thought was sand beige sounds like desert beige and that’s the shade I am in EL double wear. Luckily it seems I picked right as this was a perfect match for me.
Again this was in a no frills glass bottle minus the pump. I’m quite used to not having a pump and this didn’t put me off buying it but when I came to apply it, it was so difficult to actually get any out as it seemed the texture was quite thick and just seemed to defy gravity so I had to keep sticking my index finger in to get it out and pop it on the back of my hand. Annoying or what?
Aside the initial difficulty of getting the product out it applied very well, again with my RT expert face brush and gave quite a full coverage but didn’t seem mask like in the slightest, felt lightweight on the skin and was a beautiful matte finish (yey!)
I popped this on a few hours before heading out to dinner and then ended up staying out for a few drinks so I wore it for about 7 hours in total. When I got home and looked in the mirror I was pleased that there wasn’t really any shine at all.
Overall I thought this foundation was great and it’s one I will continue to use as it gave me the coverage I wanted along with the capability of staying shine free. I can over look the issues I had with getting to the product for that. (If anyone knows of where you can get a pump to fit then please let me know)


Max factor colour adapt
This is a foundation I used to wear when it first launched many moons ago and I LOVED it back then and wondered why did I fall out of love with it?
I picked up the shade I used to wear back in the day which was Warm Almond as i knew it was a good match and that if I’d not got it spot on the colour adapting technology would work its magic.
This one comes in a plastic bottle with a pump action for super easy dispensation.
The thing I loved about this foundation was the texture – it’s a beautiful light cream to powder finish that gives good coverage but a natural finish. I wore this for a day out with my other half and when I did my make up I felt I looked natural but flawless (ish) and as if I’d got no foundation on at all. The only downside to this one is on my oily ares it doesn’t stay fantastically well and I need to touch up after just a few hours.
Would I buy this one again – possibly. I love how it is when it’s first applied but it just doesn’t hold up like I need it to on my oily areas which is such a shame.


L’oreal nude magique Eau de teint
I’ve read so much about this and wondered what all the fuss what about. I must admit when I got this I thought that it was going to be no good for me and that it would be way to little coverage.
It comes in a glass bottle that is very slim line and feels more expensive than it actually is.
Before your start getting the product out you need to shake it first – I didn’t and got a separated mess of water and foundation all over. Lesson learnt there!
When they say it’s a lighter than water they really aren’t kidding….at this stage I was thinking this isn’t going to cover much but I carried on and was made to eat my words. I don’t know or care how they’ve done it but they’ve done it! Once it’s applied you really don’t know you’ve got it on it’s amazingly lightweight and glides on to the skin with no effort. Coverage wise it is light coverage but it gave me adequate coverage with the help of a little concealer. It held up really well and I didn’t notice a massive amount of shine until about 5 hours into my day (I was just pottering around the house)
I will definitely buy this again albeit in a lighter shade (my shade picking skills need improving) as I’m someone who’s not confident enough to go out bare faced but this is perfect for those days that I don’t want or need to wear a full face but want something to just help me look a little more human – you know what I mean, right?


So overall after trying out these high street foundations I’m actually pretty impressed all though I do still feel high end foundations do perform better overall however for the price difference I will definitely be trying more high street foundations in the future.
The two stand out ones I’ve tried is by far the Revlon colourstay for its ability to remain shine free and the L’oreal one for its amazingly makeup free feel.

I’ve loved doing this post and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. Have you tried any of these foundations, what did you think? Or if you can recommend anymore I should try then please get in touch.

As always thanks for reading!
Beauty Barmy Bird
( no photo of me at the end of my post this time – think my face features enough in this post all ready haha )

My current skin care routine

So up until nearly a year ago I didn’t have any kind of skincare routine in my life. At all! I would literally Just use face wipes and nothing else – shocking right?
I’ve always had oily skin that’s prone to spots and spent most of my life covering them in very full coverage make up as I found treating them with spot products irritated my skin and made it dry, tight and uncomfortable. I also suffer from really dark circles all around my eyes. So last summer I decided that I need to invest in some sort of skin care that wasn’t too harsh on my face but also fought the issue. I loved the idea of going a more natural organic routine due to past experiences with products full of chemicals being too harsh. So after dabbling with a few different products I’ve finally found the ones that work for me and my skin is SO much better, don’t get me wrong I still don’t have flawless skin and around my eyes I still look like a panda but the improvement means I can now get away with a light/medium coverage foundation and still feel confident. So here is my current saviours:


The Body Shop – Camomile cleansing Butter
At first when I purchased this I thought no way would a butter be any good for me and my oily skin but I love it. I use this only at night to melt away the days make up along with a damp muslin cloth. It only takes a pea sized amount to take a whole face off including eye make up.

Pai Camellia and Rose Hydrating Cleanser
I use this every morning again with a damp muslin cloth but I also use a pump or two after the cleaning butter in the evening. I massage this in to my face for a good couple of minutes (I think this is one of the main steps that has really made such an improvement)
I love this product so much as it’s beautiful, light, super gentle and lasts such a long time!


Neal’s Yard toner in both Rejuvenating Frankincense or Rehydrating Rose
I love Neal’s yard products a little too much (is that possible?) I adore the fact that they use natural organic ingredients where possible but won’t compromise on effectiveness. I tend to use the Frankincense toner more in evening and the Rose one in a morning but I’ve been known to switch them around depending on what I feel my skin requires on any given day. These toners are not at all drying and my skin feels fresh and refreshed not dry and tight like I’ve experienced with other ones in the past. I just pour a tiny amount out onto some cotton wool pads and sweep across my face and neck. I allow my skin to fully dry before I move onto my next step….

Neal’s yard yarrow and comfrey moisturiser
In the past I’ve always thought “I don’t need to moisturise, I’m oily so why would I want more moisture?” And now I realise I was so wrong. This little pot to me is my star product. It’s a light weight, quickly absorbed moisturiser that works to balance the skin as well as promote regeneration of damaged skin. I love the fact it doesn’t sit on the skin for ages and it provides a lovely canvass for make up. The fragrance in this isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, personally I don’t love it but I don’t mind it. It has a more medicinal medicated scent rather than overpowering perfume smell. It’s not awful but it’s not something you sniff and think “mmmmm” either.

Pai Echium and Argan eye cream
This is my first ever cream I’ve ever purchased specifically for the eye area. It’s definitely made my eye area appear slightly lighter which is a bonus as I looked like I’ve done ten rounds with Mike Tyson before so it’s definitely a staple product in my beauty bag right now. A little goes a long way, it’s quite a rich texture and feels very nourishing on the skin. I tend to take tiny amount and just gently pat it in around my eyes.

Ruth Romano Cocoa butter lip balm
I use this every night to give my lips some moisture as i hate dry lips which is something else I suffer from on a regular basis. This is by far one of the best ones I’ve tried and always sorts my dry lips out. A little goes a long way. I have also popped a little bit of this on my very dry elbows and it works a treat there too!
I love products by Ruth Romano after my friend Gemma tweeted me a link to her site. I’ve also had some gorgeous bath salts which if you like a long soak I’d also defiantly recommend (that’s another blog)

That’s pretty much it for my everyday skin care routine – is there any products in there that you love also? I’d love to hear what you think so please leave me a comment 🙂

Thanks for reading!
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