The lipstick tag!

My lipstick tag contribution is here! I was tagged by my gorgeous friend Gemma over at McCarthys Beauty Review


How many lipsticks do you own?
18 lipsticks, 33 lip glosses, 8 lip balms and 15 lip liners

What was your first ever lipstick?
It was by Rimmel but for the life of me can’t remember the shade but it was a baby pink colour with a pearlescent sheen to it and it really didn’t suit me at all!

What is your most worn lipstick?
L’oreal colour Riche in Julianne’s nude. I simply love this lipstick for everyday it’s a lovely creamy texture and a gorgeous rose nude.
After that then it’s my beloved Ellis Faas In Ellis Red which is super long lasting and the most beautiful blood red.

Favourite lipstick brand?
I love MUA for their range of colours at such a good price point in particular the matte lipsticks and the Luxe velvet ones. Also you can never go wrong with Estée Lauder in my book!

Favourite finish?
Matte finish is doing it for me currently but then again I love a sheer wash of colour in a lipgloss form.

Last lip product bought?
Kardashian Beauty Au Naturel lip kits both in Kim and Kourtney. I’m not massive fan of things like celeb perfumes and make up brands but I received the Khloe one for Christmas and fell in love. It comes with liner, lipstick and gloss in a kit and the staying power I find is fantastic and the smell of the gloss is a scrummy honey.


How many lipsticks are currently in your handbag inc balms?
I’ve just cleared my handbag out so it’s only two at the moment. An elf lip balm in a red and DuWop lip venom in a berry shade.

What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?
My Ellis Faas, Ellis red or I do love the deep red b095 by Make Up Atelier.

How do you store your lipsticks?
I’ve just bought some acrylic storage and got rid of my grey rattan draws so currently it’s all out on display on my dressing table.

What lip product are you currently lusting after?
Currently I love the look of the Poise Balm by Benefit. I’ve been gagging for a bit of MAC Heroine but just can’t seem to call in when they have stock and I’m loving the look of NYX matte lipstick in Shocking Pink.

So that’s it for my lipstick tag – I now tag Kal over at Cuttered Closet

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Most Wanted: June

It’s only been a week since I’ve been paid but I’m already thinking about what can I buy when I get paid later on this month – is it just me that loves to blow money on beauty products?! Here is a run down on what products are currently top of my most wanted list! I probably won’t be able to afford them all but a girl can dream right?

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess The Nudes £40
I’m a massive Estée Lauder fan and I simply love the look of this palette with its nude colours but the plum on the end is just to die for!!


Estée Lauder Double Wear all day glow bb £29
I wear EL’s traditional double wear foundation on a regular basis so I’m itching to try their take on a bb especially for the warmer months


Benefit Poise Balm £14.50
I adore the cute and girly packaging this balm comes in and the pink colour looks lovely for summer – this WILL be a new addition to my collection without a doubt!


Palmers cocoa butter formula gradual tan £7.49
Being on the pale end of skin colour I could definitely do with a bit of colour on my pasty legs so I’d love to give this one a try. I’ve tired many others in the past and they all end up leaving me a lovely shade of wotsit which is so not a good look.


NARS Foreplay Orgasm £39.50
I’ve never had anything from NARS but over the years I’ve admired and lusted after many of their products especially their blushers so when I saw this I was practically screeching with excitement. It’s offers some matte blush, shimmer and a highlight for under £40! I feel this is going to be my first plunge into the world of NARS.


Nip+Fab dark circle fix £15.95
I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned this before but I suffer terribly with dark circles and I think I’ve tried pretty much anything and everything to help improve them so this is going to be my next port of call in my quest


Soap & Glory super tonic fragrance £12
The mouth watering ingredients in this made it jump straight on to the wish list. It contains Sicilian lemon, orange peel oils, green mandarin and cool mint – perfect for warm summer evenings spent chilled in the garden!


Pixi Glow Tonic £16
I’ve read so many great things about this little beauty that I’m just desperate to try it.


That’s it for my most wanted in June list – what’s on yours?
If you’ve tried any of these products before then pleas let me know what you thought.

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Liz Earle: Cleanse & Polish*

I was lucky enough to be picked by the lovely people at Birchbox after entering a #birchbloggersuk competition to receive a full size starter kit of the much blogged about cleanse and polish from Liz Earle. I was super excited to give this ago as this product has won an amazing 101 awards from the likes of Elle, Company and to name a few!

It came in a lovely Liz Earle wash type bag that contained a whopping 100ml of product in a handy pump bottle, two muslin cloths and a little leaflet titled “The Ultimate Cleansing Guide” which I found extremely handy as this was the first time I was giving the product a go (I’d still not started the sample I had gotten in May’s box) and I’m a massive believer in following the directions to get the best results possible.
To use it states to fill the basin with hand-hot water….I’m no expert and this was the first time I’d seen this phrase but I’ve taken it literally to mean hot water that you are comfortable with your hand in. Step 2 is to apply one or two pumps of the product and to massage this in gently onto dry skin using a circular motion outwards from the centre of the face. I tend to massage my cleanser for a good 2-3 mins if I have the time to really get the full benefit. Step 3 is to rinse the muslin cloth in the water and wring it out till it’s damp not wet. Step 4 You then use the muslin cloth to wipe of the cream ensuring you use a clean section for each area. Step 5 Rinse the face with cool water and pat dry with a soft towel.



The product contains  gorgeous ingredients including  rosemary essential oil, chamomile, eucalyptus and cocoa butter along with a few others. The scent- for me I can really smell the eucalyptus in this and its very refreshing but not overpowering or off putting. It feels very creamy and luxurious when you massage it in to the skin and I found it a real treat to use. It easily took off a full face of make up including my eyeliner and mascara and after using it my skin felt very smooth, soft and dare I say it a bit more glowing. I always use a muslin cloth when it comes to cleansing but I’ve found some to be a bit too coarse and some not coarse enough but Liz Earle has managed to get the balance right – it’s coarse enough to help remove any dead cells but its not that coarse you are going to rub your face red raw. So even after my first use I was pretty impressed with the cleanse and polish but what really impressed me was the day after. I’d been suffering for the past week with awful hormone spots and really over sensitive red irritated areas on my chin and around my nose that I just couldn’t seem to get to calm down, now it might just be a coincidence but 24 hours after first using this ( I’d used this the night before, that morning and then again that night) I found the red areas to be calming slightly and my spots finally not seeming as angry and starting to shrink down at last! This result completely blew me away as I had tried literally everything to calm my skin down. Impressive stuff!!

As I’ve mentioned in a few of my other posts before I do have oily/combination skin that is sensitive so the great thing I found about this was the fact it really worked with my skin giving me enough hydration but not too much and it being gentle yet effective. I think I am now a convert to this cleanser and will continue to use it as the results have won me over big time. Now I’m itching to try more from Liz Earle – I can feel a spending spree coming on over at Birchbox!

Have you tried the cleanse and polish – what sort of results did you see? Or do you have any other Liz Earle products I should try? I’d love to know!

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Primer review: Max Factor Facefinity all day primer

A few weeks back I picked up the Max Factor Facefinity all day primer up in Boots 3 for 2 offer. I love a good primer and use one everyday so when I saw this I really wanted to give it a go. It promises to mattify the skin and extend the wear of your foundation.


This isn’t a primer that has that silicone feel like a lot of other primers but more of a silky fluid. At first look I was slightly worried that it was so white in colour but so long as you work this well onto the skin and use it sparingly then it doesn’t leave any sort of colour on the skin. I used this with my usual foundation of choice which is Estée Lauder double wear as I knew very well how that performed with other primers and without so thought I would then be able to gauge very well how effective I found it.

I applied this using my Real Techniques face expert brush and found one pump to be just enough for the whole face. It sank into my skin quickly and left it with a lovely satin matte finish. Then I moved onto applying the foundation – I found that the primer literally acted like velcro so you have to work very quickly with your foundation to blend it out. I did find in the areas where I suffer from visable pores it does nothing to help these but this isn’t something it claims to do either.

I've not included a picture of it after as you can't tell any difference in the second image

I’ve not included a picture of it after as you can’t tell any difference in the second image

When it came to the extending the wear of your foundation this is something it most certainly did for me, even after around 13 hours wear my foundation is still in place with very little breakdown and shine coming through where as usually around 9-10 hours wear I need start touching up the shiny areas around my cheeks, centre of chin and t-zone.

The only issues I have with this product is the smell – it’s not nice and reminded me of paint drying a little and also if you do’t work the product in enough or use too much I did find in some areas I was left with a really sticky white-ish patch that was hard to correct but this is down to getting the hang of the product.

Overall  I am really impressed with how well it handled my oily areas and how it stuck to my foundation to really give an extra oopmh in terms of longevity of wear. its most definitely a thumbs up to Max Factor for creating a really good primer available on the high street at such an affordable price.

Have you tried the Facefinity primer – what did you think of it?

Thanks for reading!

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