Origins Mix and Mask box

The face mask gods that are Origins have done an amazing collab with the wonderful Jane aka British Beauty Blogger. I’m a bit of a secret face mask junkie and love nothing more than slapping one on and having a quiet 15 minutes with a tea in silence and no one does a mask quite like Origins. I’m already a super fan of their Drink Up masks for a big moisture boost so when I saw Jane tweet about this for £20.00 I was on it quicker than Beyonce can say “single ladies” 

The box itself is fantastic value for money at £20.00 and comes with about £80ish worth of product plus a £10 voucher. Face mask by origins

Here is a run down of what you get

Maskimizer Skin Optimizing Mask Primer – This is a primer for your face mask. This wonderful light marine algae spritz is the perfect way to prep your skin to get the most from your face mask. I also like to use this when a clay mask has set but I fancy getting a little bit longer out of it, simply spritz all over and the clay will re-soften.

By all greens foaming deep cleansing Mask – Jane describes this as a green juice for the face. It contains green tea, spirulina and spinach in a clay base. Its starts off liquid then bubbles into a foam. Super strange but really gives the skin a deep clean and a boost.

Drink Up Intensive overnight mask – A hero product in my eyes. It really helps plump the skin and give some thirst quenching moisture.

GinZing peel off face mask – This bronze face mask promises to bring some ZING back into dull complexions. You peel this off your face after it has dried which my inner 6 year old loves. We all did the PVA glue on the hands thing didn’t we?

VitaZing SPF energy boosting moisturiser – I love a proper base and shy away from the lighter side of things so I am excited to try this to see if it can sway me. It is self-adjusting so there is no awkward picking the wrong shade here and it also had the added benefit of giving the face a radiant finish while protecting it with SPF 15.

Mask Pods – There are 4 little one time only mask pods, I LOVE these! Super cute and ideal to travel with. You get a Drink up 10 min mask, Clear Improvement mask, Out of trouble and Original Skin. There is something here for any problem days and to get your skin back to best.

I am so impressed with this box. I genuinely cannot wait to try some new products from Origins and spend the £10 voucher. The drink up mask will forever have my heart but I love the new Maskimizer as it feels so light and refreshing on the skin.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed seeing whats included in the Origins box, I know it sold out pretty fast! Latest in Beauty do some amazing boxes and I am hoping to get my grubby hands on the summer glamour box next.

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