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If you follow me on Twitter then you’ve probably seen me tweeting my excitement at attending the Northern Blogger Meet up in Sheffield. The event was organised by Catherine (Counter Pretty), Tori (Dolly Birds & Bows), Kirstie (Short Lashes) and Kathryn (The Kats Paws) It was held at the Eten Cafe Bistro in Sheffield City Centre which if you’ve never been before I’d recommend it as the staff are super friendly and the Eten burger was delicious!

The day consisted of lots a talk between bloggers, wine (of course), food and talks/demonstrations by a few of my personal favourite brands!

Lush came armed with Bath Bombs and lots of enthusiasm for the brand. Talking to us about the Lush ethos, how they help support charities and what lengths they go to find the perfect ingredients for their products while ensuring they support the communities they trade with. The passion they had for the Lush brand was obvious and that really rubbed off onto us all (I love Lush anyway but I love them a little more now!)

They very generously gave each of us a gift bag – mine contained a liquid shampoo, a sex bomb bath bomb and some enchanted eye cream which I’m eager to try. IMG_4998

The lovely Leanne from LM Beauty was also there with a selection of some of her beautiful nail polish’s and I might have made a cheeky purchase of stunning dusky lilac (ish) shade that I’m gonna be rocking this week!

We also had a visit from Jamie and Kitty who came to share the Benefit love. The talked us through the history of Benefit and how it all started back in the 70’s in San Fransisco all the way through to present day. We also got a sneaky preview of the Christmas specials they will be launching and they are going to be amazing!! Kitty did a fab make over talking us through the products she was using as well as expert tips on how to apply them. The bit I enjoyed the most was the eyebrow mapping – it was really interesting to learn how best to get the perfect shape and how to work out where the start of the brow, arch and tail should be in relation to your eyes/nose.
They where kind enough as well to bring over with them the newest addition to the Benefit line which is a Cream to powder blusher called Majorette. Not only does it smell good enough to eat but its as soft as butter and so dreamy.
Jamie and Kitty where so passionate and knowledgeable about the brand it was infectious that I now literally want to buy everything from Benefit and become a Benebabe! They kindly gave us all a full size They’re real mascara and the new Push up They’re real liner. I’ve used the liner twice so far and I LOVE it! I’m pretty good with liner anyway as its something I’ve been wearing on a regular basis for years now but once you’ve got the hang of the liner (it is a little odd at first) then you will LOVE it. Total convert here!

To round the day off Gemma (McCarthys Beauty Review) and I stopped off for a bottle of wine and a gossip about the day as well as having a sneaky rummage through our goodie bags which where jam packed full of amazing products for us to try! Some of the items I’d been wanting to try for a while so I was over the moon to get them and I’m planning on do full reviews on them for future posts once I’ve got round to giving them a good try.

It was such a fantastic day and I really cannot thank the ladies that organised it all enough – they did such an amazing job so please follow the links at the top and say Hi to them!!

I really would like to attend more blogger events so if anyone knows of or is arranging any then please let me know as I’d love to come!

Beauty Barmy Bird


  1. Rinica
    September 1, 2014 / 7:46 pm

    Aww great post hun, I really enjoyed the eyebrow mapping to it isn’t something I’d heard of before I thought they were really lovely too :). It’s funny because before I was super nervous whereas now I just want to attend another event haha xx

    • September 1, 2014 / 7:47 pm

      Thanks Hun! I know – itching to get onto the next one now! Have you tried your liner yet? X

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