My 3 day detox experience

So something a little bit different from my usual posts. Recently I embarked upon a 3 day detox, I called it a juice diet but technically it isn’t as I used a blender meaning that the pulp/fibre was retained. I decided to blend rather than juice as I knew I couldn’t last 3 days on juice alone, I like love my food too much and knew keeping the pulp would at least give me a sense of having something plus I wanted to keep the fibre, keeping the fibre means some of the nutrients are ermmmm passed where as on a juice nothing is lost. I also had to adapt some of the recipes as juicing uses SO much more fruit/veg than blending does.
I decided randomly to do this as I was feeling very tired. lethargic and generally had gone a bit overboard on eating out, drinking and take aways. I had read you should really eat a vegan diet three days before and after to adjust your body but I didn’t cos I’m like that!
My blended was the breville active blender from Argos as £34.99, I went with this one as the reviews were amazing, it came with 4 bottles and it was WAY cheaper than the nutribullet and nutrininja. All the ingredients I bought came to about £60 excluding the blender so it was quite a costly 3 days and something I can really afford to keep up longterm.
I aimed to have around 4/5 “juices” a day spread apart evenly through the day with one containing nuts at lunch time to see me through to my dinner.


I’m not going to list ALL the recipes I used but along the way I will go and detail my favourite few that I really loved!

Day 1 – This was a tough old day, I had a headache and was feeling very hungry around 1pm while taking the dog a walk but once I got back and had my lunch blend I felt a lot better. I found I did go to bed feeling hungry but I did sleep very well.
Day 2 – I woke up feeling refreshed but again hungry! It was easier to get through than the day before and I didn’t get a headache at all. I felt I had quite a lot of energy and managed to get lots of jobs around the house finished that I’d put off for ages.
Day 3 – Again I woke feeling like I’d had a great nights sleep and didn’t feel overly hungry. I managed to only have 4 blends today where as on day 1 /2 I needed 5/6 to keep the hunger away! My skin however has broke out quite bad – I’m assuming that’s all the crap making its way out. I must say I looked forward to having proper food the following day!
Overall I felt I slept better and had quality sleep but it was bloody hard – especially when Matt cooked chicken dippers on day one. I could have cried LOL I know that sounds so dramatic. It has however taught me what hungry feels like, I think many of us are guilty of constantly just topping up on food rather than waiting till we feel really hungry so I think from now on I will try to be more conscious of am I hungry or just eating cos the clock says 6pm?
Here are a few of my favourite recipes – I have not put any measurements of quantities in as I just made it up as I went along!
Recipe 1 – Banana, kale, mango, chia seeds, squeeze of lemon, water or almond milk. If you prefer it sweeter add a couple of strawberries.
Recipe 2 – Blueberries, mango, kale, avocado, lemon juice, flax seeds, cayenne pepper and coconut water
Recipe 3 – Kiwis, pear, red apple, ginger and water
Recipe 4 – Pineapple, Red apple, banana, kiwi, papaya, spinach, Kale and water or coconut water
Recipe 5 – MY FAVE ONE – Banana, walnuts, almond milk, cocoa nibs, vanilla extract and frozen raspberries.
Recipe 6 – Banana, almond milk or water, frozen pitted cherries, vanilla extract, cocoa nibs, kale and spinach

I’ve been having one blend a day either for breakfast or as an evening snack after dinner when I fancy something a bit sweet. I would certainly recommend that Brevile blender and also try Tesco for frozen fruits as they are so much cheaper and obviously last so much longer! Holland and barrat are good for cocoa nibs and flax seeds.



  1. Rinica
    May 11, 2015 / 3:48 pm

    Great post chick, I’ve been thinking of trying something similar but I’m scared as I love food a lot haha!
    £60 for three days is shocking, I’ve always wondered how people make it cost effective there’s people out there who have a smoothie like three times a day every day I could never afford it. Cocoa nibs sound yum! I’m trying to find healthy things I can snack on through the day….that aren’t seeds! I feel like a pigeon haha xx

    • May 11, 2015 / 7:39 pm

      Thank you Rinica xxxx It’s ridiculous really that Healthy Ingredients are so expensive compared to bag of 40 chicken nuggets! I’m glad I don’t mind frozen fruit as it saves so much mone. Cocoa nibs are so deceiving- they smell like rich chocolate but taste bitter but you don’t notice them when mixed with something xx

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