Most Wanted: June

It’s only been a week since I’ve been paid but I’m already thinking about what can I buy when I get paid later on this month – is it just me that loves to blow money on beauty products?! Here is a run down on what products are currently top of my most wanted list! I probably won’t be able to afford them all but a girl can dream right?

Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess The Nudes £40
I’m a massive Estée Lauder fan and I simply love the look of this palette with its nude colours but the plum on the end is just to die for!!


Estée Lauder Double Wear all day glow bb £29
I wear EL’s traditional double wear foundation on a regular basis so I’m itching to try their take on a bb especially for the warmer months


Benefit Poise Balm £14.50
I adore the cute and girly packaging this balm comes in and the pink colour looks lovely for summer – this WILL be a new addition to my collection without a doubt!


Palmers cocoa butter formula gradual tan £7.49
Being on the pale end of skin colour I could definitely do with a bit of colour on my pasty legs so I’d love to give this one a try. I’ve tired many others in the past and they all end up leaving me a lovely shade of wotsit which is so not a good look.


NARS Foreplay Orgasm £39.50
I’ve never had anything from NARS but over the years I’ve admired and lusted after many of their products especially their blushers so when I saw this I was practically screeching with excitement. It’s offers some matte blush, shimmer and a highlight for under £40! I feel this is going to be my first plunge into the world of NARS.


Nip+Fab dark circle fix £15.95
I’m sure I’ve probably mentioned this before but I suffer terribly with dark circles and I think I’ve tried pretty much anything and everything to help improve them so this is going to be my next port of call in my quest


Soap & Glory super tonic fragrance £12
The mouth watering ingredients in this made it jump straight on to the wish list. It contains Sicilian lemon, orange peel oils, green mandarin and cool mint – perfect for warm summer evenings spent chilled in the garden!


Pixi Glow Tonic £16
I’ve read so many great things about this little beauty that I’m just desperate to try it.


That’s it for my most wanted in June list – what’s on yours?
If you’ve tried any of these products before then pleas let me know what you thought.

Thanks for reading!
Beauty Barmy Bird


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