Make up Revolution Brush Shampoo – my thoughts

If you are a regular here or if you follow me on twitter you will already know I’m a bit of a fan of Make Up Revolution. I placed an order last week as some products I’d been lusting after were back in stock (yipeeee) while I was browsing I saw this and popped it
into my basket. I usually just use baby shampoo to clean my brushes and I try to do them every other week.

Baby shampoo has done the job fine for me for several years and it’s pretty cheap so I’ve never bothered to purchase a product specifically for my brushes.
The shampoo itself is £5 for a 200ml bottle and boasts to wash away all traces of dirt, make up and oil to leave brushes soft, clean and conditioned.
I’ve got lots of brushes and tend to wet the bristles, pop a blob of shampoo in my hand and swirl the brush in the shampoo then rinse it well in warm water. So I followed my usual routine as normal and the shampoo definitely got all the product out of the bristles but so does baby shampoo. The brushes which I found it made it a little easier and quicker to was was my foundation brushes. Usually it takes a good few minutes to get all the product out of these ones but the shampoo seemed to cut through the product much easier than baby shampoo. The smell of the shampoo is lovely – to me it’s a fresh citrus clean but juicy smell. So all freshly cleaned I laid out a big fluffy towel and left them to dry overnight. The next day my brushes seemed to be slightly more soft and fluffier than when I use just baby shampoo. In comparison baby shampoo was costing me about £3 for 500ml so yes it is more expensive however the Make Up Revolution shampoo is specifically made for your brushes. I personally have quite a large selection of Real Technique brushes which when you add up how much they are worth it’s quite a bit so taking that into consideration it’s really made me think that I should probably use a product designed to look after and keep them in tip top condition for as long as possible.
So overall my thoughts are that while it is more expensive than my usual method I will continue to use the shampoo and repurchase it when it runs out so long money allows me to spend that little bit extra.
Have you tried the shampoo at all have you found another brand that does an affordable brush shampoo?

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