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The beautiful Jo over at Caledonian Kitty nominated me for the Liebster Award so here goes my turn! Thank you Jo for including me in your award – it really means a lot especially to a still very new blogger like myself. So everyone please pop over and check her fab blog out to show some love!
Basically the Liebster award is to acknowledge those bloggers who are up and coming and ones to watch. Its given to bloggers by bloggers so it’s a really fantastic blogger community award to acknowledge and give recognition to those with 200 followers are less who deserve more attention.

It was really difficult to choose who would be my nominated 11 bloggers on bloglovin as there are just so many fabulous bloggers that I love but I finally managed to narrow it down.

First of all I need to fulfill my end of the deal and give you all 11 facts about me and answer 11 questions set by Jo.
Fact about me!
1. I’m originally from Sheffield but now live in Chesterfield
2. I’ve got two tattoo’s. One is a treble clef with lilies on my right foot which is a bit of a tribute to my Grandad who was an amazing singer and my Nan who was called Lily. The second is on the inside of my left ankle which is a random bird with an umbrella popping out of its back with rain falling on it. It doesn’t mean anything but I just loved it.
3. I’ve got two dogs. A dogue de bordeaux called Deefer (think D for dog) and a rescue greyhound called Graham
4. I’ve seen Take That in concert when Robbie re-joined the group
5. I’m obsessed with CSI
6. My fears are spiders and flying
7. I’ve been with my other half for 8 years this December and we still aren’t married or have kids!
8. Around 6 years ago I got hit by a bus traveling at around 30mph. Luckily the bus came off worse than me all though I have no idea how that’s even possible!
9. My sense of humor is dark, filthy and a little bit dry
10. The one food I can’t stand is olives
11. My first car was a battered Corsa but I loved it as it had “HRH” in the reg.

Answers to Jo’s questions
Q1. What country are you from?
A1. The U.K
Q2. Costa Coffee, Starbucks or Nero?
A2. I prefer Starbucks but Chesterfield doesn’t have one so I have to go with Costa
Q3. What was your last blog post?
A3. It was about my splurge on lipsticks for national lipstick day
Q4. What was the last blog you read?
A4. It was Beauty&theboy
Q5. What is your fave time of year?
A5. Probably spring. I love the it when the three start to get new leaves and the daffodils are popping up.
Q6. Last movie seen?
A6. I really can’t remember the last film I watched – possibly X-Men
Q7. Do you collect anything? if so what?
A7. Does make up count?
Q8. Shopping online or out?
A8. Online for sure! Anything that enables you to do it on the sofa in PJ’s is a winner for me!
Q9. Worst customer service experiences?
A9. Its a long one but in a nutshell I took a contract out at Phones4U but had to return due to no signal they didn’t cancel it, accused me of keeping the phone. It took ten months to sort out all in all and the police had to be involved!
Q10. Last book read?
A10. Pear Shaped by Stella Newman. Highly recommend it made me laugh, cry and get mad!
Q11. Last product reviewed?
A11. L’oreal liquid lipstick

Okay so enough about me on to my nominees….. drum roll please!!

DollyBirds&Bows @dollybirds_bows
Loves and Loathes @Lovesandloathes
Pretty Little things and the cotton city @lucy_stan
Bluebirds & Bunting @bluebirdbunting
Something Like Nicola @hellonicola_
Health Jen @healthjenblog
McCarthysbeautyreview @gemmaw84
The Urban Fox @ms_urbanfox
Today’s Beauty obsession @todaysbeautyobs
Beth Tinkerbell @bethtinkerbell
Ms.Beautyconfessions @bbbadwolf

So there is my final 11 – go follow them on bloglovin/twitter – they are a fab bunch with some great posts!
Its now for the 11 to follow the below rules and take part in the brilliant Liebster Award!
1. Link back your post the person/s who nominated you
2. Give 11 facts about you
3. Answer my 11 questions
4. Nominate 11 other bloggers (you can’t nominate the person who nominated you)
5. Post a link to your nominees

My 11 questions are
1. Whats your guilty pleasure in life?
2. If your house was on fire and you could only save one item what would it be and why?
3. What is your dream holiday destination?
4. Funny story from your childhood?
5. What is your fave food?
6. One product you could not live without?
7. Are you a bath or a shower kind of person?
8. If you could buy one designer item what would it be?
9. Favorite perfume or scent?
10. Who is your ideal celeb boyfriend/girlfriend?
11. Worst film you’ve ever seen?

That’s it for my Liebster award post – hope you’ve enjoyed reading it! Please show some support to my chosen 11, they are all fantastic blogs!

Beauty Barmy Bird

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