How to heat proof your make up

It would seem that summer has finally reached the UK at long last, today while out on my lunch break it was 30 degrees C *Desperately tries to refrain from saying “SCORCHIO!”* With the heat comes a battle of keeping your make up in place and from melting quite literally off you face.

Here are my top tips to help your make up last as long as possible while the sun is out.

heat proof your make up

1.Prime – A primer may not be part of your usual make up routine but it will help smooth out the skin. Pick a mattifying primer to keep excess oil at bay and lock your base in.

2 Keep it to the minimum – Keep everything to the absolute minimum. No one wants 4569 layers upon layers of product on their skin at the best of times never mind in the noon sun.

3 Choose the sheerest formula base you feel comfortable with No, I’m not saying go from a thick full coverage cream foundation to a BB cream, I am a full coverage kind of girl myself, but try something slightly lighter than normal. For example switch Estee Lauder Double Wear for their Double Wear light option and conceal where needed.

4. Waterproof mascara is a must Pandas are hella cute but no one wants to look like one during a 12 hour shift at work. Moisture will cause non waterproof counterparts to run so pick up a waterproof version and you can thank me later.

5. Blot and then powder If you have oily skin then midday shine can be a massive pain in the back side. If you reach for the powder before taking away the oil then your going to end up a little bit cakey. Blot paper is your friend, gently blot away excess oil and moisture away and then gently powder.

6 Setting spray Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray locks in your look like no other. It is one of the best products out on the market and worth every penny. Spray this over your finished look 2-4 times in a T formation and it will help keep you looking fresh all day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, let me know if you have any tips and trick to help your make up keep on your face. I’m off to go melt in a corner.

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