Not meaning to sound all Adele but Hello….

I’ve been missing for months now, I originally only planned to take a month off blogging but then things just kind of got in the way and suddenly its 2016.So thought it was about time that I checked in so here is a quick update from me before we get back to business and start blogging about make up, skincare and all the really important stuff (yes I am being a tiny weeny bit sarcastic cos we all know that stuff isn’t that important)

So I started my new job Sep which thankfully is all going okay, still getting used to the 45min-1 hour drive each way but hoping it will get easier when Spring rolls around, I’ve re-joined Slimming World so I’m posting loads of meal and snack ideas on Instagram (@Beautybarmybird if you don’t already follow me) and Gus is still as naughty as ever but has grown loads. Still don’t know how to use my Canon 1200d camera which is fun especially as I’d convinced myself I’d basically be Chesterfields answer to Mario Testino by now. 

I’ve got a couple of posts lined up which I originally took photos for back in August. One is about some of the eyeshadows from a fellow Sheffield Blog/Make up extraordinaire Phee and another on an MUA Luxe item so keep your eyes peeled for those landing soon.

Here is also a photo of my face just because…. (insert sassy girl emoji here) Oh and Matt
my face

See you all soon

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