Guest Blogger Series part 3: Molly from The Rose Beauty Files

Hi Everyone! I’m Molly from The Rose Beauty Files (Link and I’m so excited to be over here on Claire’s lovely blog writing a guest post! If you have never read my blog before, you won’t be aware of my slight obsession with all things Clarins! I love pretty much everything about the brand from the packaging, to the products and I thought I would share 5 of my favourite products with you today. I wouldn’t say these are my top five necessarily as I would find it very difficult to rank them, as I love pretty much everything I have tried! 


clarins favourites

• First up are the Clarins Instant Lip Balms. These are a relatively new product in their range and I would describe them as Photoshop for your lips! They are balms in stick form that have a subtle hint of colour and a gorgeous sweet scent. I have the colour 01 Rose which is pictured and it gives a gorgeous and glossy ‘my lips but better’ appearance. There are 6 colours in total: 01 Rose; 02 Coral; 03 My Pink which is a really clever formula as the shade of pink is dependent on each person so it will look slightly different on everyone; 04 Orange; 05 Red which I am desperate to get my hands on and 06 Rosewood which is a dark browny red which is probably the only shade I wouldn’t fancy. They are so creamy and are perfect for popping on in the daytime! If you are not keen on the stick formulation they do make a similar product in a squeezy tube, which is more like a lip-gloss. This has the same effect on the lips and I believe the colour selection is the same too.

• Next is one of my favourite ever moisturisers, the Hydraquench cream! I have had pretty much every product from the Hydraquench range at some point along the lines and I love them all! This moisturiser is perfect for very dry and dehydrated skin as it is so thick and luxurious! I tend to use this in the winter when my skin is at its most dry, I have also used the lighter lotion formula throughout the summer when my skin still needs hydration but slightly less than in the winter. It has a subtle scent that feels very high-end and is not overpowering or off putting. It is a little on the pricy side but I do feel like it is worth it as a little goes a very long way!

• I couldn’t do a Clarins post without mentioning the cult favourite, the Beauty Flash Balm. This is a fantastic multipurpose product that can be used as both a facemask and a primer before makeup. To use as a facemask, spread a thick layer all over the face without rubbing in. Leave it on for 10 minutes and wash off to reveal ‘brighter & tighter’ skin. My skin just looks baby soft and smooth when I have used this and recently it has been all I have been reaching for! As a primer, you need to spread a thin layer across the face, again without rubbing in, and apply makeup straight on top of it. It makes your makeup look glowing and you skin feels very hydrated and foundation doesn’t look cakey! It really is a wonder product in a tube!

• To keep this post nice and varied I wanted to mention the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster. This product allows you to customize the level of facial tan you have with very minimal effort. This product is very small; you only get 15ml in a full sized bottle. The idea behind this is that you take your favourite facial mosituriser and add a couple of drops of this product before you apply the moisturiser to your face at night. The great thing about this is that you know the moisturiser element will be suitable for your skin type as you can use whichever one you like the best. I had great results from the tanning drops over night but I do have a very ghostly white face! I have found this product incredibly easy to use and I have hardly made a dent in the product after having it for over a year! The only thing I would say is that you do need to wash your hands after using it as I didn’t one time and ended up with a tan-coloured finger nail for a very long time afterwards!

• The final product I wanted to talk about is something a lot of you have probably heard of as it has take the blogging world by a bit of a storm! It’s the Clarins Instant Concealer! This has turned into my Holy Grail concealer! It is so creamy and pigmented yet doesn’t look cakey or unnatural. I use this both under my eyes and on blemishes and it works like a dream! The coverage is great, my mum has actually just purchased a tube of this too, to cover up the occasional cold sore. The only thing I would say about this is that the shade range is appalling! There are only three shades; I am the lightest so if you are incredibly fair then I feel like this could be too dark for you. My mum has just had one week abroad and she is the darkest so I feel like if you had a naturally olive skin tone or are a lady with darker skin, then this product will not be for you as you just won’t be able to find a shade match. I think this is such a shame as the product is incredible and Clarins definitely need to offer more shades to make it available to more of us! The product is £21 but you get 15ml of product and as you only use a tiny amount each time, this lasts a very long time. This is the most blendable concealer I have ever used, even better than the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in my opinion!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this post and I would love it if you would stop by my blog and say hello! I post daily so there’s always something to read. Thank you again to Claire for having me and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my post. Let me know if you have tried any of these products too and what you think of them!


Much Love



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