Create a look: 1950’s

In this installment with Gemma we are in the 50’s. The 1950’s is probably one of the most famous decades in terms of make up looks, some of the most iconic women come this decade and I think it probably is the most recreated look people go for. This is the decade that the winged eyeliner look we all try to perfect became popular. 1954 saw Avon coin the now famous “Ding Dong Avon Calling” phrase and mask like foundation and powder was worn on a daily basis.

For my look I decided to go with quite a heavy base and to stick with the eyeliner along with some red lips. Pretty much a classic 1950’s look but my take on it.
Also apologies on the lighting changing in my pictures…..I blame well Autumn for it! 😀


Here is what I used for this look.
GOSH Classic velvet touch primer
Illamasqua cream pigment in Emerge
Revlon colorstay foundation in Sand Beige
Revlon colorstay concealer in 02 fair/light
Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in translucent
GOSH multi colour blush in 02 pixie pink
I heart make up eye primer
W7 in the buff palette – shades 3 + 5
Essence eyeliner pen in black
Elf brow kit in Dark
Estee Lauder Sumptuous extreme mascara in black
Chella Ivory lace high lighter
MUA intense colour lip liner in Red Drama
I heart make up lipstick in Total Diva

I really love this months look and its something I will wear again for sure.
Don’t forget to follow the link to Gemma’s blog and check out her look!

Hope you enjoyed this blog post – please get in touch I love hearing what you think.


Create a look: 1940’s


Its that time of the month where we step back in time – this month we stop as the 1940’s. For me personally I think this is probably the era I would have wanted to be apart of. Women where very much apart of the war effort, the clear defined roles they had in the 30’s shifted somewhat and the make do and mend mentality is something lost in the throw away days we now live in. I adore watching movies from this time as well – they remind me of my Nan who always used to say “they don’t make them like this anymore” My all time favourite 40’s movies are “Its a wonderful life” “The Postman always rings twice” and “Meet me in St. Louis”
The look of the era was quite simple and quite a you but at your best look – eyebrows had become well groomed with a good arch, eyeshadow was kept generally to matte shades usually in light browns with maybe a bit of brown eyeliner (the full on black winged eyeliner is actually more 50s), lots of mascara was a must as well as redder the better lips.

Don’t forget to check out Gemma’s 40’s look over at McCarthy’s Beauty Review!

So for my look I went with bright red lips which I slightly lined outside my natural lip line. This was something that women had started to do to really put the emphasis on them. In fact I read somewhere in the US they considered red lipstick to be essential to keep morale up in the war effort and to send letters covered in red kisses to soldiers to boost their morale while at war! The eyes I kept simple and plain with a bit of eyeshadow and brown liner along with lots of mascara. My brows I just used a bit of dark wax to define them (I’m still trying to grow them out so apologies for them not being a groomed as the women of the 40s). My skin I just used a usual foundation I have in my collection to create a nice natural looking base that wasn’t too made up.


Here is what I used in this look – I didn’t have to buy anything specific this time around.
GOSH classic foundation primer
Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation in number 52 Vanilla (I reviewed this foundation here)
Elf concealer in porcelain
Rimmel Stay Matte powder in translucent
Body Shop Honey Bronze in 02
Bourjois Cream Blush in 01
Make Up Revolution single eyeshadow – Mocha Love, Touch Me and Delicious (Wet and used as a liner)
Elf Brow kit in dark
Estee Lauder double wear mascara
MUA Lip liner in Red Drama
MUA Matte lipstick in Scarlet Siren

Overall I think the make up looks of the 1940’s are really wearable and I can see how the forties are still influencing our look today.

Now go over to McCarthy’s Beauty Review and see how the beautiful Gemma got on!

Next month we move on to the 1950’s – another decade in time that I am obsessed with!

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Create a look: 1930’s

Hello beauties!

Last month we stepped back to the 1920’s where I created a look – you can find it here.
This month sees Gemma (McCarthy’s beauty review) and I in the 1930’s.
When I was doing a bit of research for this look at first I was struggling to see the difference between the 20’s and 30’s but as I dug a little deeper I noted the eyes tended not to be so heavy and that the circular placement of eye make up was replaced by a more flattering pear shaped application which was extended beyond the natural eye. The lips weren’t quite as exaggerated but the colour of choice remained the same with dark reds, maroons and raspberry shades. Also the blush became more muted and the idea of contouring the face became fashionable. However the pencil thin eyebrows where still the fashion of the day so much so some ladies plucked their eyebrows to such an extent they had to paint them on daily!


For the look I created I decided I wanted to go with various shades browns as this is the colours brunettes would wear but I added some black just as I wanted to add a little more depth to the blended out shadow which I took slightly out of my natural eye but still left quite a gap between the shadow and brow. Its quite had to see all the different shades/tones of brown in the eyeshadow especially as I was using my Iphone for pictures. I tried to keep my brows as thin as possible but you can still sort of see them in the pictures – sorry! I’m trying to grow them out so I didn’t even attempt the glue method to cover them as I didn’t want to rip them out.
For the lips I had to stick with a classic deep red colour but I tried to keep them in line with the shape of the 30’s lip. I really hope from the pictures you can see a gradual transition from the look I did for the 1920’s.
For the cheeks I used a bronzer as a blush and then a slightly darker powder for a contour with a eyeshadow as a highlight to give that 3 layer sandwich cheek effect. I left the lower lashline untouched to try and get a slightly sleepy heavy eye look that was quite popular back then.

I used products I already had for this look. Here is a full list of products I used:
Max Factor Skin Luminizer in 45 Warm Almond
Elf Maximum coverage concealer in Porcelain
MUA matte effect loose powder in Translucent
Illamasqua cream pigment in Emerge
Make Up Revolution What you Waiting for? Palette – shades Your Capable, Super Hot Female, Million Dollar Contract, Wicked Style (for my brows and as a liner) and Sex Chromosome
Make Up Revolution single eye shadows in Mocha Love and Delicious
MUA single eyeshadows in shades 25 and 1
Estee Lauder Double wear mascara in Black
Sleek contour palette in light – contour powder
Body Shop Honey Bronze Bronzer in 02
MUA single eyeshadow shade 1
MUA lip liner in Red drama and Brooding Plum
MUA matte lipstick in Scarlet Siren
Make Up Atelier Lipstick in Deep Red

Overall I think this look is more wearable than the 20’s look I did minus the brows however in real life the base was quite heavy to make my skin look flawless on the pictures but this is exactly what they did in the 30’s, it was all about a flawless and pale face and the foundations/powders that where available was all heavy and very matte.

Don’t forget to pop over the McCarthy’s Beauty Review to check out Gemma’s interpretation on the 1930’s look.

I’d love to hear what you think of the look I’ve made – do you love it or hate it? Also send me links to your 1930’s related posts, I’d love to read them!

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Create a Look: 1920’s

Myself and Gemma of McCarthys Beauty Review have been working away on a collaboration for the past month. It all came together when we had a hilarious facetime which involved lots of make up chatter, gossip and generally catching up. We have been good friends for donkey’s years and we both thought it would be fun to do our own interpretation of make up looks from decades gone by. You can find Gemm’a look here
We gave ourselves a brief which was simple and easy
1. Create a look inspired by the decade
2. Use existing make up products where possible
3. If you do need to buy some items then it can’t amount to more than £10

So after doing a little research and digging I was inspired by the likes of Clara Bow and her cupids bow lips and the dark made up eyes of Catherine Hessling.

The hardest parts of the look was not warming my face up with a bit of bronzer and to really go with the natural paleness of my skin which in the 1920s was most certainly in along with the eyebrows, the look back then was thin, over extended sad looking brows not the more full and fabulous brows we favour currently. I did try to cover them but I was fighting a loosing battle so I went with my natural shape but tried not to put the emphasis on the arch and took them slightly further out than usual.
The lips for me was pretty easy – I kinda already have the pursed, pouting slightly annoyed look! So I just finished the liner a little short to really make them stand out. For the blush the 1920s was all about applying in circles to give a rounded face rather than the more angular application we favour today.
The 20s was a time when the stigma attached to women wearing make up was finally gone and they really embraced it and wasn’t afraid to go all out with it which is what I really love about this time.
For my eyes I kept them dark especially around the outer corner and inner corners making sure I resisted the urge to take it out & up and stuck with the look of keeping it rounded to give a “sad” look.
I can really see certain aspects of the 20’s look that are still influencing make up today and I think I would wear parts of the look the I created but not all at once as I think the lips and the eyes together are just a bit much. Also I would wear the eyeshadow and liner out and up as I think this is more flattering and again the blush I think looks much better in a more angular fashion rather than the round circles.
I only bought one item specifically for this look which was the blush everything else I either already had or was something I had on my shopping list anyway.
Base – MUA matte foundation in shade 1 soft sand and Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in translucent.
Brows – So Susan Dual brow powder
Eyes – Make Up Revolution Iconic 3 Palette shades 1,4,7,11 & 12. MUA undressed palette in shade 12. Avon Super Shock gel liner pencil in black and Body Shop big and curvy mascara in black.
Blush Essence Blush Up in 10 Heat Wave. This was the item I bough for this look and it cost £3.50 from Wilkos.
Lips – MUA intense colour lip liner in Brooding Plum. Elf Matte lip colour in rich red. Make Up Revolution lipstick in vamp shade rebel with a cause and finished with Bourjois Rouge edition velvet in 08 Grand Cru.


Remember to call over at McCarthys Beauty Review to see Gemma’s take on the 1920’s look.
Next month our trip will see us stop off in the 1930’s – I’m really excited to see how the look changed from the 20’s and what products they favoured.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and would love to know if you’ve ever re-created a look from the past.

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