My current skin care routine

So up until nearly a year ago I didn’t have any kind of skincare routine in my life. At all! I would literally Just use face wipes and nothing else – shocking right?
I’ve always had oily skin that’s prone to spots and spent most of my life covering them in very full coverage make up as I found treating them with spot products irritated my skin and made it dry, tight and uncomfortable. I also suffer from really dark circles all around my eyes. So last summer I decided that I need to invest in some sort of skin care that wasn’t too harsh on my face but also fought the issue. I loved the idea of going a more natural organic routine due to past experiences with products full of chemicals being too harsh. So after dabbling with a few different products I’ve finally found the ones that work for me and my skin is SO much better, don’t get me wrong I still don’t have flawless skin and around my eyes I still look like a panda but the improvement means I can now get away with a light/medium coverage foundation and still feel confident. So here is my current saviours:


The Body Shop – Camomile cleansing Butter
At first when I purchased this I thought no way would a butter be any good for me and my oily skin but I love it. I use this only at night to melt away the days make up along with a damp muslin cloth. It only takes a pea sized amount to take a whole face off including eye make up.

Pai Camellia and Rose Hydrating Cleanser
I use this every morning again with a damp muslin cloth but I also use a pump or two after the cleaning butter in the evening. I massage this in to my face for a good couple of minutes (I think this is one of the main steps that has really made such an improvement)
I love this product so much as it’s beautiful, light, super gentle and lasts such a long time!


Neal’s Yard toner in both Rejuvenating Frankincense or Rehydrating Rose
I love Neal’s yard products a little too much (is that possible?) I adore the fact that they use natural organic ingredients where possible but won’t compromise on effectiveness. I tend to use the Frankincense toner more in evening and the Rose one in a morning but I’ve been known to switch them around depending on what I feel my skin requires on any given day. These toners are not at all drying and my skin feels fresh and refreshed not dry and tight like I’ve experienced with other ones in the past. I just pour a tiny amount out onto some cotton wool pads and sweep across my face and neck. I allow my skin to fully dry before I move onto my next step….

Neal’s yard yarrow and comfrey moisturiser
In the past I’ve always thought “I don’t need to moisturise, I’m oily so why would I want more moisture?” And now I realise I was so wrong. This little pot to me is my star product. It’s a light weight, quickly absorbed moisturiser that works to balance the skin as well as promote regeneration of damaged skin. I love the fact it doesn’t sit on the skin for ages and it provides a lovely canvass for make up. The fragrance in this isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste, personally I don’t love it but I don’t mind it. It has a more medicinal medicated scent rather than overpowering perfume smell. It’s not awful but it’s not something you sniff and think “mmmmm” either.

Pai Echium and Argan eye cream
This is my first ever cream I’ve ever purchased specifically for the eye area. It’s definitely made my eye area appear slightly lighter which is a bonus as I looked like I’ve done ten rounds with Mike Tyson before so it’s definitely a staple product in my beauty bag right now. A little goes a long way, it’s quite a rich texture and feels very nourishing on the skin. I tend to take tiny amount and just gently pat it in around my eyes.

Ruth Romano Cocoa butter lip balm
I use this every night to give my lips some moisture as i hate dry lips which is something else I suffer from on a regular basis. This is by far one of the best ones I’ve tried and always sorts my dry lips out. A little goes a long way. I have also popped a little bit of this on my very dry elbows and it works a treat there too!
I love products by Ruth Romano after my friend Gemma tweeted me a link to her site. I’ve also had some gorgeous bath salts which if you like a long soak I’d also defiantly recommend (that’s another blog)

That’s pretty much it for my everyday skin care routine – is there any products in there that you love also? I’d love to hear what you think so please leave me a comment 🙂

Thanks for reading!
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