Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm

Cleansing is probably one the most important steps in my skin care routine, I can always tell if I’ve not done a good job removing all the make up and daily grime. In an evening I always double cleanse (Caroline Hirons you would be proud) firstly by using a balm or oil and secondly with the Avene Cleanance soap free cleanser.

I picked up the Boots Botanics Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm as it was super cheap and hoped that it was similar to the Liz Earle. I can’t link it as I can’t find it online which is super odd. 

It comes in a round white tub and you get a cloth too, for the price you really can’t grumble about the quantity you are getting. The product itself is quite hard and takes some warming up to melt into the skin. Hot cloth cleansing balm boots

The good news is that it works a dream when massaged into the face on dry skin, melting away the days make up. It does take some removing so used as part of a double cleanse routine is a must.

It does contain shea butter and beeswax so those who suffer with bad acne or already know shea is a no go will want to give this a miss. It doesn’t contain mineral oil or parabens. If you are very sensitive to fragrance then I’d use this cautiously but if removed properly should be ok.

Hot cloth cleansing balm boots

For £8.99 you really can’t go wrong and it is something that I will be buy again. All thought the fact its no longer on the web makes me nervous. *Frantically typing email to Boots asking*

Have you tried this balm before?

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