If you follow me on Twitter (if you don’t then I’m @BeautyBarmybird) then you probably saw me tweeting about being excited to attend the #BloggersSeceretSanta14 event in Nottingham last week. The event was held at the Ned Ludd in the centre of Nottingham. I got the train from Sheffield with Kirstie and Billie both at total babes so do check out their blogs.
We arrived at the venue and was greeted by Hannah and Emma who had organised the day. They had made us all name tags with our web address, twitter names and our real names on so we all knew who was who. It was a really nice idea that made it a bit easier to get to know everyone and as they had taken the time to use our blog headers easy to identify people who knew via blogging/twitter but never actually met.
Both Hannah and Emma did an amazing job – the room was decorated with Xmas crackers and candy canes which was a lovely touch to fit in with the Secret Santa theme.
At the event there was four speakers from different brands.

First up was Ian from The Ultimate Fix a nail spray which dries and makes polish stay chip free for longer and Hello a breath fresh spray that comes in the cutest litte spray bottle ever!
Second was the beautiful Lekha from Merumaya who talked to us about the brand, whats in some of their most popular products and what makes them so effective. She generously gave us all some samples to take home and try which I can’t wait to use being a skin care junkie!
The third brand of the day was Xenca, Suzie gave an extremely informative talk about the importance of being healthy and looking after ourselves. She passed around some samples of Five A Day+ which is mixed with water/juice and contains 5-7 servings of fresh fruit/veg to help you get those important nutrients we need daily.
The last brand of the day was LUSH – Holly, Ivy and Charlie from the Nottingham store came along with some of the new shampoo bars launching (the honey one smells AMAZING) and some Christmas goodies. We made out own bath bombs which I’ve never done before so I LOVED making a Big Blue Bath Bomb that I could take home and use. My bath was even more satisfying knowing I’d made it myself!
At the end of the event we got our Secret Santa goodies – in mine I got a mini Urban Decay Primer potion, a Terrys Chocolate orange and a pretty jar candle.
The goodie bag was jam packed with products from my favourite brands such as Make Up Revolution, Dream Dots, Nkd Skn and SO much more!

It was such a great day and I really can’t thank Hannah and Emma for making it all happen! Also the Ned Ludd is such a lovely bar, the food was delicious and the staff were so friendly and helpful!

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